Netflix Unveils 2017 Line-Up of Recommended TVs

Netflix has unveiled its 2017 line-up of ‘recommended TVs’ that it says offer a superior Netflix viewing experience.

The streaming video company has named three new models as the first Netflix-recommended TVs of the year: the 2017 range of LG 4K UHD TVs with WebOS 3.5; the 2017 Samsung 7, 8, 9 and Q-series smart TVs; and 2017 Sony Android TVs.

Netflix said it had added several criteria in making its choices – namely the ability to power on your TV and start using Netflix or other internet TV apps in just a few seconds; and the ability to switch between apps or switch from apps to live TV and back again almost instantly.

In addition, Netflix judges TVs on whether its interface appears in high resolution and whether Netflix is easily accessible from wherever the user is within the TV menu, including having a Netflix button on the remote that can turn on the TV and go directly into Netflix within a few seconds. The company also verifies whether the device comes with the latest version of Netflix and includes its newest features.

Netflix first introduced its ‘recommended TVs’ program in 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Scott Hart



  1. Interesting that they do this.

    I use Netflix via my phone or tablet app and I can be logged in and watching a show or movie in practically no time via my 4 year old LCD TV and my Chromecast. All run through my A/V receiver.

    No need for a fancier TV for me. 🙂

  2. Jesse Skeen

    A "superior Netflix viewing experience" is one that DOESN'T automatically break into the end credits of every movie! This is why I use a Roku XD for Netflix.

    I haven't used Netflix since I started buying my Roku units. However, I've been thinking of getting Netflix again for certain programming. Is using your Roku unit to access Netflix the best way?

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