Brit speaker makers KEF have announced the launch of their brand-new R Series, and what the company calls ‘a complete top-to-bottom transformation’ of the acclaimed loudspeaker range. With a number of technological innovations and design improvements, the new R Series speakers will now achieve acoustical characteristics originally found in the company’s flagship Reference Series.

The range not surprisingly includes the Uni-Q driver, now in its 12th generational iteration, as well as a redesigned motor system to improve the midrange, and the area between the two drivers has been ‘completely reimagined.’ The necessary narrow gap between drivers in the Uni-Q design, which could excite sound waves at certain frequencies, is now replaced with a damping system to eliminate those resonances, making for a smoother and more transparent sonic performance.  Additionally, the Uni-Q driver includes the ‘Shadow Flare’ trim ring design to reduce diffraction effects of speakers with edges, allowing for clearer performance.

Low-frequency drivers have been re-worked too with further performance-enhancing aims, and are now reduced in size, enabling slimmer cabinets. The new drivers also have greater excursion and an ‘improved’ low-distortion motor, plus higher-rigidity cone.  The result is claimed to offer superb bass performance, with ‘power, depth, speed and articulation in abundance.’

The new R Series utilizes an internal bracing system called Constrained Layer Damping to dissipate vibrations, a new flexible port design to prevent longitudinal resonances from coloring midrange, and a ‘suede-like’ microfiber grille design, which removes the performance-compromising thick frame of most speaker grilles.

Stephanie Scola, Director of Marketing for KEF America says, “No matter which model you select from the R Series, it will take you on a journey of re-discovery through your music and film collection. This series can reproduce music with such refinement and realism that when you close your eyes, you feel as though you’re there live, in the very presence of the musician, listening from the front row. It’s a very transformative experience.”

The new R Series consists of the R11 ($2,499.99 each), R7 ($1,899.99 each) and R5 ($1,399.99 each) floor standers, the R3 ($1,999.99 pair) stand mount, the R2c ($1,199.99 each) center speaker and the R8a ($1,399.99 pair) Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers. All the loudspeakers in the range come in three contemporary finishes: Black Gloss, White Gloss and Walnut.

The range will be available beginning September 6th, 2018 through and a variety of retailers including Magnolia Design Cente (

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