Where to report Paypal Scam?

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    OK folks, I just received the email pasted below, and would like to report this obvious scam to Paypal Officials. There's got to be someway to get this person reported, but I don't know if [email protected] would work.
    Any ideas? Below is the email I received..
    >>To all PayPal Members:
    I would not normally do or send you this type of message, but I am sending this to you for the
    following reasons ONLY:
    MANY PayPal Members have little to no balance in their accounts. I THINK this is a way for those with low PayPal Accounts
    to get SOME money into them...easily...with the risk of $1.
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    You can have hundreds of dollars in short order
    in your PayPal Account.
    This is a completely anonymous and private program;
    A self-liquidating loan NOT run by any one person.
    Send $1.00 to the PayPal Email Account in the number
    one (#1) position. Then delete the email in the (#1)
    position and move every email up one line. Then, put
    your email address in the (#3) position and send this
    to as many RESPONSIBLE people as you can.
    Risk $1.00 and SEE.
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    1. [email protected]
    2. [email protected]
    3. [email protected]
    "SEND $1.00 (1 dollars) to the (#1) Email ONLY". Then, move every email up (1) position - (#1 being removed).
    Put Your Email Address, (that your PayPal Account is under), in the (#3) position. Then, email to responsible
    people who want some very EASY cash. Easy huh?
    Once you have completed the steps, send an blank email to the person in the (#3) position with subject:
    "Thanks, I've Joined". This will help everyone keep track of their progress.
    Now is the time to re-build your PayPal Account with borrowed money. Loans that are self-liquidating over time.
    IMPORTANT: This is FAIL PROOF... I assure you that... (Anything OTHER than instructed above will NOT work).
    Really... DO IT RIGHT, or don't bother.
    Don't have a PayPal Account? You receive an instant $5 for signing up, and $5 per referral for all those who open a PayPal Account
    under YOUR affiliate link.
    Get YOUR Account now, Go To:
    Try it and see your Paypal Account in SERIOUS CREDIT.
    If for some reason the (#1) persons account is unable to accept payments, do NOT let this stop you from
    participating. Everyone is responsible for their own PayPal Account. Simply follow the instructions as if
    a payment was made.
    Best Regards,>>
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    PayPal has a section in it where you can report buyer fraud, if you have an account. If you don't, you probably can use the general privacy complaing form.

    I cant get the link to work, but if you follow the privacy link off the bottom of the page, then the "contacting us" section. There is a link to the form to submit your complaint.

    In my past dealings with paypal, they do read all their mail and respond within a week or so.

    And I think its great you're reporting this. People often aren't smart enough to know that pyramid schemes never work.
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    Carl III

    I say let them learn the hard way. Anyone who would even consider sending a dollar to a random account because of some spam deserves to lose it.
  4. Mike__D

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    I had I roomate try the pyramid scheme in college, but he used snail mail, and had to stuff hundreds of envelopes. After all was said and done he got maybe $2 from a couple of gulible people like himself.
  5. Ryan Wright

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    Jul 30, 2000
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