Wega Uneven Brightness Fix: Fact or Myth?

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    Jun 3, 2001
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    I was reading on the Yahoo! Wega Boards that there is a knob on the rear of the set, accessible when the back cover is removed, that will adjust the color purity to get rid of the pink bars that can be found on some sets when a white or bright background is displayed. There have been numerous posts on that board on the subject, but I have not read any postings here about it. I trust the Home Theater Forum much more than the Yahoo boards. My set is still under warranty from Sears, but it has been over 90 days since my purchase, so I assume I will have to pay up if I try and get someone from Sony to help. Is there anyone here who can validify the claims about the knob? Thanks in advance.

    I have a KV-27FS13.
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    Jan 7, 2002
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    That is a fact. I had a Tech from a local shop do it on my KV27FS13 and the pink bars vanished. Too bad a few days after the adjustment had been made I noticed the pink went from being verticle bars to a very slight pink tint in each of 4 corners of the screen. Very slight and only noticable on very light backgrounds. Hopefully another slight adjustment of the purity knob will fix it. He will be back on Monday and I'll keep you updated.

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