Shh! You can almost hear these DVDs crying "SAVE ME FROM eBAY!!!!!"

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    Payment only via PayPal. I would prefer people buy lots of DVDs, but if you want only one, that's cool. I will offer discounts for people buying larger quantities.

    Conditions vary. Inquire within. Some (although very few) of these have bi-lingual covers. If this bothers you, inquire within. Shipping costs will vary. Inquire within.

    Trades are cool just so long as you post a trade list, and you're willing to trade all the titles on that list...

    Oh, and I'm a Gold Trader here. [​IMG]

    Now, it's finally time for...

    28 Days Later (WS) 8
    A Man Apart (WS/FS) 7
    American Splendor (WS) 7
    American Wedding (WS, UNRATED) 8
    Artificial Intelligence (WS)* 8
    Bad Boys 2 (WS, 2-disc) 8
    Bedazzled (WS) 4
    Beneath Loch Ness (WS) 5
    Big Bully (WS) 5
    Bruce Almighty (WS)* 8
    Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness (Boomstick Edition, 2-disc, WS) 8
    Casualties of War (WS) 6
    Catch Me If You Can (FS)*8
    Celtic Pride (WS) 6
    Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (WS, UNRATED) 7
    Christina's House (WS/FS) 5
    City By The Sea (FS) 5
    City of Ghosts (WS) 7
    Confidence (WS) 7
    Crime and Punishment in Suburbia (WS/FS) 5
    Daredevil (WS, 2-disc) 8
    Death Ring (WS) 4
    Desperate Measures (WS/FS) 5
    Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (WS) 7
    Domestic Disturbance (WS) 6
    Don't Say A Word (WS) 6
    Edward Scissorhands (FS, 10th Anniversary) 7
    Ernest Goes to Camp (WS) 4
    Friday (NLPS, WS) 7
    Gosford Park (WS) 6
    Hart's War (WS) 6
    Heathers Limited Edition Tin (all contents, and a replaced disc that works properly) 22
    How High (WS) 6
    Hulk (WS)* 8
    Hush (WS) 6
    Johnny Menemonic (WS/FS) 5
    Jurassic Park (WS) 7
    Jurassic Park: The Lost World (WS) 7
    K-19 The Widowmaker (WS) 7
    Last Action Hero (WS/FS) 6
    Laurel Canyon (WS) 7
    Law and Order SVU S1 (Outer box less than mint...e-mail for picture if interested. Discs are perfect, insert booklet present) 28
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (WS)* 8
    Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same: In Concert and Beyond 7
    Legends of the Fall (WS) 6
    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (WS)* 8
    Love and Basketball (NLPS, WS) 7
    Maid in Manhattan (WS) 6
    Master of Disguise (FS) 5
    Matchstick Men (WS) 8
    Matrix Reloaded (WS) 8
    Max Keeble's Big Move (FS) 5
    Meatballs (WS) 6
    Mission to Mars (WS) 6
    Mission: Impossible 2 (WS) 7
    Monster's Ball (WS) 6
    Moonlight Mile 6
    Mr. Saturday Night (Billy Crystal, WS) 6
    Mulholland Drive (WS) 7
    Murder by Numbers (WS) 6
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding (FS) 6
    National Lampoon's Last Resort (FS) 6
    Night of the Living Dead/The Terror (WS) 5
    Nine Months (WS) 6
    O Brother, Where Art Thou? (WS)* 8
    Once Upon a Time in Mexico (WS) 8
    One Hour Photo (WS) 7
    Original Sin (Unrated, WS) 6
    Panic (WS) 6
    Phone Booth (WS/FS) 6
    Punch-Drunk Love (Superbit, 2-disc WS) 9
    Reservoir Dogs (Mr. Orange, OOP) 12
    Rollerball (WS/FS) 6
    Romeo Must Die (WS) 6
    Runaway Jury (WS) 8
    Running Man (SE, security seals intact) 8
    Rush Hour 2 (WS) 6
    Sanford and Son Season One 10
    Sanford and Son Season Two 14

    Scarface (Open shrink wrap, but security seals still intact, 2-disc, FS) 9
    Se7en (Snapper flipper disc) 6
    Solaris (WS) 7
    Sphere (WS) 6
    Star Wars Episode 1 (WS) 7
    Star Wars Episode 2 (FS) 7
    Starship Troopers (non SE, WS) 6
    Stealing Harvard (WS) 5
    Stuart Little 2 (WS) 7
    Summer Catch (WS) 6
    Surviving the Game (WS/FS) 4
    Swimfan (WS/FS) 6
    Terminator 3 (FS)* 7
    Terminator 3 (WS, 2-disc) 8
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (WS/FS) 6
    The Abyss (WS, 2-disc) 8
    The Birthday Girl 6
    The Core (FS) 5
    The Hunted (WS) 6
    The In-Laws (WS) 6
    The Medallion (WS)* 7
    The Neverending Story (WS/FS) 7
    The New Guy (WS) 6
    The Newton Boys (WS) 5
    The One (WS) 6
    The Rookie (WS) 6
    The Truman Show (WS) 7
    The Tuxedo (FS) 5
    Total Recall (WS/FS) 6
    Two Girls and a Guy (WS) 5
    Veronica Guerin (WS) 8
    View from the Top (WS) 7
    Wagons East! (WS/FS) 5
    Wes Craven's They (WS) 6
    White Squall (WS) 5
    X2: X-Men United (FS) 7
    Young Guns *NEW* (WS/FS) 5
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    You have a PM.

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    I will get back to you gentlemen as your offers contain discs which are currently pending...thanks for your inquiries. I will let you know either way!
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    Replies sent!
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    Sent you PM! [​IMG]
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    One final bump before eBay. Please help. Thanks.

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