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    Jan 21, 2003
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    Does anyone have the 750s and RSS300s as rears and RSC200s as center? These speakers look sweet fo 2 grand. How is their reputation?? Thanks!
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    Aug 27, 2002
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    There are a LOT of rocket fans over on Ton of good resources for looking into rockets.

  3. Jeff_PxR

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    Jan 21, 2003
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    Yeah they all love them. Do any of you?[​IMG]
  4. DonJ

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    I used to see a whole lot of Swan Diva lovers here but since the Rockets came out they've all but disappeared
  5. ErichH

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    Mar 1, 2001
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    Here's my first listen review of the 200 center

    My Take - Paradigm CC to Rocket 200

    I’ll spare everyone from much history, and just say that I’m in the process of changing my speaker rig from a set of 4 Studio 40s & CC to something else. For the money, they were solid performers.
    My source is a Pany RP91 & a B&K 305
    I’d say the main complaint from me and my buddies (2 are Recording Engineers), had to do with the tweet and it’s inability to play the Hi K smoothly.
    The crossover points look good, and the source amp is not an issue.
    In spite of knowing better, I defended my rig with the typical `It’s pretty good for the money’ and listened to the guys tell me to `Back off the treble please’
    The Paradigm Studio CC improved on previous centers in my system. The tweeter being the main improvement. My first impression was that I had a good balance with the
    40s but still the problem with the highs being what some like to call `revealing’….. My take on this word is that it might be revealing info in the tracks, but the
    Studio tweet is also `Revealing’ itself as a cheap tweeter. There’s a certain compression that happens in the upper freq. that many don’t notice, or feel as though it’s good because they can hear all the little hi freq stuff easily. This compression (or distortion in my opinion) is perceived so differently by everyone that discussing it here is probably silly.
    For me, it’s there.

    On to the Rocket.
    My new approach would be to order the 200 first and let it be the test mule. The center always gets the most work and is always the weakest link in most systems.
    Blame it on fashion,speaker makers, whatever.
    Nobody wants to stand a main over a TV.
    I have to admit, that cover of Video Essentials doesn’t get my vote for a good look.
    The 200 center is the one and only reason I felt compelled to try the Rockets. The long forum strings were interesting, but the sight of a 3 way with a decent box volume drew me in.
    Hmmm , kinda like an ACI or HTM1 and a Vifa on top. Wonder how that sounds?

    A few DVD chapters

    Fight Club – the first chapter with Edward Norton’s narration mixed very big & low for effect. A challenge for my previous centers.
    Behind Enemy Lines – Sams chasing the F15 – A few nice jet engine blasts right in the center.
    Robin Williams Live – Well, most of it’s in the center from a clip mike on his shirt
    The Abyss – An older audio track with a very midrange sounding TXH

    The most telling difference seems to be that there is more upper mid information than with the Studio. I’ll need more time to adjust to this, but nothing bothers me about what I hear tonight.
    The Vifa handled most of the hard hits well, with no noticeable breakup. It will be interesting to hear when it’s past the 200 hour mark.
    I caught myself adjusting the volume for the center more than a few times, and realized that it’s the first night and I’m concentrating too much. A new tight speaker will average better when it’s broken in.
    Areas where I expect a little boom on the Studio were more controlled. The Fight Club narration was smooth and clear.
    The Robin Williams DVD was a good test of a low quality mic sound and proved to be better all around.
    The Abyss didn’t really add anything new to my test. With the Receiver switched to THX the changes were minimal.

    Big Phat Band – A great DVDA with lots of stuff in the center
    Clarinet and Alto Sax solos – A wood clarinet will show up a bad midrange driver, and the 200 gave me more wood than I expected.
    Pretty warm sound and a big step over my previous centers.
    The alto was darn close to the money, and Acoustic bass was a real surprise. It sits in the middle and I couldn’t believe how well the 6inch drivers handled all those overtones. Not Bad
    Big Wide Open drums on this, and so far I'm hearing heads and the recording room – not the speaker.

    Donald Fagan /The Nightfly – Another DVDA with Vocals spread across the front – Donald’s vocals were silky smooth. I managed to pick up a very rare breath in the track-Maxine. This is one of the best 48k recordings ever made, and for a moment I thought of what it might be like to hear that Neuman mike in the studio. Drums are also 30-40% in the center and much more muffled than BFB. Again, the 6 inch drivers seem fast and controlled.

    The shipping box is well done, with the fitted foam/cloth/double box.
    Although the gloss finish on the cap is quality, I prefer a
    Matte finish. I position my center just below the screen in front of my Pioneer 533 and the gloss creates a mirror from my screen.
    Gloss black is labor intensive and hard to maintain. Perhaps there was a decision that low sheen looked too cheap for some people.
    The edge could use more of a round to help with chipping, but there
    Seems to be enough build in the topcoat to keep what is a fairly crisp edge, intact.
    The veneer finish is well done with a nice low sheen or hand rubbed
    look. This is very much like the finish you see on B&W Nautilus.

    So, how bout’ the tweet?
    In spite of a few times where the upper mids surprised me, I think the Vifa is dealing with everything that bothered me in the Studio. There were `Oh Yeah’ moments during vocal tracks on the Fagan DVDA and a few solos on both music disks where the instruments were more Real than before. Some of that Silk I’ve been looking for.
    There were moments when I knew I was getting a smoother performance, and a few where the 4inch driver gave me new info and
    took my attention away from the tweeter. This was not a bad thing, just new to me.
    The 6 inch drivers were fast. Very impressive on the music tracks. I know they’ll change after break in, and I hope they stay quick.

    There were a number of times when I could not pinpoint the 200 during the movie chapters. The speaker seemed to be as wide as my TV. This made the transition from left to right really move left to right – not left/center/right. That was new, and I think, a good thing.

    I’ll need more time before I make any decision to order a box full of 750s. I’m looking forward to another round with the Rocket 200.
    This was fun!

    Best To All

  6. Seth_L

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    Apr 5, 2002
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    I have a pair of 750s. I've heard nothing like them at their pricepoint. Right now I have a 7 channel setup of Infinity Interludes IL40s towers in the front and IL10 bookshelves on the sides and back and the matching IL25c center. The IL40 towers can't hold a candle to the 750s.

    As soon as I get the money I'm going to get 4 more 750s and the RSC200 and sell my Infinity Interludes.

  7. Jeff_PxR

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    Jan 21, 2003
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    Thanks for the input about the Rockets. I am strongly urged to but the $2000 package with the 750s as the towers but am also considering the Boston Acoustics posered VR965s as my towers. Any input on these as challengers to the 750s?

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