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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Ferran Mazzanti, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Hi folks,
    just wanted to know your opinion about the following. I recently purchased new speakers (PMC TB2) which I have connected to my Marantz SR6200 receiver. i use that for music and HT, let's say 60% music and 40% HT. Speakers are still breaking-in and sound better everyday, but now I'm looking for a more fine and detailed sound, mostly for music. I atlked to my dealer and he said he has the perfect solution for me: using the SR6200 as a pre/pro for a new 2 channel amp Puccini. So two questions cross my mind:
    1- Does anybody has any experience using the 6200 as a pre/pro? I though that functionality on the receiver was simply to read the signal from the CD/DVD and send it directly to the external amp, but it seems it is not exactly like that because I can control the volume using the receiver. So is it a good idea to attach a 'superb' amp to a 'decent' receiver like the 6200, or will there be signal loss?
    2- Does anybody know this Puccini amp? Do you think it is a good one? I see there are two different versions of it, delivering 40 and 50 Watts per channel with 8Ohm speakers (as mine). I know power is not the most important thing in an amp, but would you say 40 or 50 Watts per channel is enough?
    Thanks for your advices...
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    Hi Ferran. In your post, you say:

    "So is it a good idea to attach a 'superb' amp to a 'decent' receiver like the 6200, or will there be signal loss?"

    Yes, this is a very good idea (for someone who enjoys 2-channel music). However, keep in mind that it is just "halfway there". Your final goal should be to get the dread receiver completely out of the chain for 2-channel enjoyment, which means also adding a stereo preamp (eventually).

    Therefore, your Main Speakers, your stereo power amp, and your stereo preamp all perform "double-duty" in your system:
    > For HT, they receive your signal for Mains from your receiver, and play this central role. Your receiver drives all auxillary speakers.
    > For 2-channel, all inputs go directly into the stereo preamp. The receiver (and auxillary speakers) serve no function for 2-channel.

    This way, your 2-channel is as pristine as possible, and the mega-bucks you've spent on 2-channel also plays the central role in HT. There's no switching out of cables or anything like that.

    The only downside to this setup is when watching movies, there will be two "volume controls" in the signal path (one in HT receiver, one in stereo preamp). One solution is to get a stereo preamp with "HT Bypass". However, my stereo preamp doesn't have this feature, and the worst-case scenario is that I have to spend a couple of seconds at the beginning of a movie to fiddle with the stereo preamp's volume to match it with the surrounds. It's no big deal.

    Good luck to you.


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