Pleas explain to me why this won't work, Thanks .

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    For a 7,1 setup sides should be about 2 to 3 ft above lisyening area and to the side . Rear surrounds should be 2-3ft behind the listening area.

    If the reason for the rear surrounds are to be 2-3 ft behind area due to delay in signal hitting sweet spot ,why can't i do this.......

    Put the rear surrounds right behind couch, but right up near the ceiling pointing down. You Still have the distance of 2-3 ft.

    Also keep the sides where they are suppose to be ,Off to the sides 2-3 ft above head.

    I hope I'm making sense : >

    Thanks so much

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    If I understood what you were saying, that set-up basically means you have overhead speakers instead of rears. The idea of rears is to have the sound coming from behind to fill in the sides. Perhaps, depending on the room the rears facing a wall up high behind the sitting area so that it reflects off the wall before reaching the sitting area?

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