Onkyo M-282 and and the harman kardon avr 65

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by johnBrownsdream, Jun 6, 2006.

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    I have recentally discovered the whole amp specially made for power thing. I am interested in the Onkyo M-282 and hooking it up to my harman kardon avr 65. However I don't even know how the two would hook together...shows how new I am. Can someone tell me how they hook together exactally. Also I read this in a review, "Ive looked at a lot of amps and prices, and no other amp offers this much power at this price. 100 watt min.rms at 8 ohms,125 min at 6 ohms for 250 bucks. Plus it offers onkyos signiture WRAT. (wide range amplifier technolgy)Its over sized guts are cased in a 20 pound steel chassis.It has ghost on features, plus like I did you can daisy chain to together, to have a total of 400 watts min rms driven in to 4 channels. Thats more than enough add in watts to upgrade any stereo system"

    When it talks about 4 channels first off how exactally would that work when it is advertised as only a two channel receiver. Would the 400 wats be safe for most speakers or would it be unsafe for most speakers? Does this 400 wat 4 channel thing mean they four channels would all be like front or main speakers? Finally how do you think these two receivers hooked together would sound with a pair of cerwin vega at-15's?
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    To use any external amp you need preamp outputs from your receiver. No preouts, no external amp.

    These amps use basically the same amp section from their mid level receivers, so I would not expect them to be higher quality than the typical receiver. The benefit is, they offload the work from whatever receiver/amp they are used with giving you more total headroom. Not sure what daisy chain means, but I don't recall these amps being bridgeable so I don't think you can connect them together to one speaker.

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