Newbie consider buying RCA RT2250 350-watt HTS

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    Aug 30, 2002
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    RCA RT2250 350-watt HTS specs
    I have the opportunity to buy NEW (factory sealed) an RCA RT2250 350-watt HTS for only $99.99 (clearance) which I think is a deal but I am such a newbie I could use your expertise/feedback.
    I live in a townhome and my husband is extra concern noise will piss off the neighbors (I don't think the noise carries) but that is why we were going with something low wattage.
    It sounds like it's got all the right stuff in it (5-speaker surround sound with 100-watt subwoofer, DPL, 5.1, lots of input jacks, etc.)
    What am I limiting myself to and is this a good buy for a newbie on a really tight budget? Like in future can I get more watts by replacing with higher watt speakers? Stupid question huh!
    Also had trouble with installation...before setting everything up in it's permanent place we wanted to test to see if it works properly. We first plugged in the receiver and atleast the 2 front speakers & the subwoofer but can't seem to get any sound from the receiver's built-in tuner. We read the instructions over and over and over and just can't seem to figure out what's wrong. The only sound we get is a low intermitent beep sound from the speakers (like a test sound). There is no static from the tuner. Help!
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    Hi Rhonda,

    What does it say on the display on the front of your receiver when you are trying to play the tuner ?

    As for your'll do the job for you for now, but you'll more than likely want to upgrade in the future.


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