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Nec Lt 150, anyone else own/owned one of these? (1 Viewer)

Vince Maskeeper

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Jan 18, 1999
I have been using my LT with HTPC in a dedicated HT for a few years, and since I couldnt find anoyone interested in buying it, it's about to be demoted to "toy" mounted in my bedroom for websurfing and some TV playback--

I'm trying to design the best possible layout for sources and whatnot, and HATE to feed the LT150 anything but it's native res or 720p, as the internal scaler sucks on raw 480p material. So I'm hoping I can feed it 720p (from dss or a scaler) and 1024x768 (from a PC) via YCbCr instead of rgbhv.

I know the LT150 supports component YCbCr signal into its RGB input via a breakout cable... But what I was wondering was if it accepts all the resolutions it can sync to (720p for example) via this method-- or just up to 480p.

I have read some old thread on AVS and have only seen 480p sources mentioned in conjunction with the component input and wondered if sources like HD boxes or pc would also work over component connection...

Anyone know?


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Jul 26, 2004
I had mine hooked up to my Dish 6000 HD box via a Crystal Image scaler for a while. The scaler and LT 150 worked fine with 720p.
Oddly enough, when watching Pay-per-View sports, like boxing, and using my old Dishplayer PVR thru the scaler, the PQ was fantastic. It was like I was ringside on my 100" Da-lite screen. I'm assuming that Pay-per-View was not compressed as much as regular SD material.
I had to use my breakout cable thru the scaler to get a good watchable picture.


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