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Many for Trade inc Scarface (OOP), Goodfellas, Jackie Brown, etc (1 Viewer)


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Jan 1, 2001
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List will be updated all week. I am trying to clear out space on my DVD rack.
Standard Shipping is included
Scarface - Authentic US Version OOP (Mint)
Jackie Brown SE (SEALED)
Tomorrow Never Dies - Silver OOP (Mint)
Bruce Springsteen - Complete Video Anthology (mint) $18
The Mummy (CE)(mint) $12
In the Bedroom (mint)
Peanuts Holiday Set (3 Disk) (I think its sealed)
True Romance - Original (sealed)
Almost Famous (mint) $13
Goodfellas (mint) $15
Wild Things (mint) $12
Swingers - Original
Escape from New York (OOP) - $10
Groove (SE) mint - $15
American Pie - Unrated $10
Get Shorty (non-promo - mint) $11
Reservoir Dogs (Mint) $12
Pulp Fiction - Canadian/Alliance (mint) $15
Poison - Greatest Video Hits (mint) $14
Lethal Weapon 4 (Sealed) $10
Man on the Moon (mint) $15
Scream CE (mint) $12
Ghostbusters CE (sealed)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Tape has never been played, case has some bends)(OOP)
Star Wars trilogy Special Edition VHS (full-frame) (Sealed)
Star Wars Trilogy (mint)
Simpson's Collection Volume 1 (sealed) - 3 tapes
Simpson's Collection Volume 2 (sealed) - 3 tapes
Natural Snatch (mint) xxx *TRADED*
The Nice, The Naughty & the Bad (mint - Chasey Lane)xxx
PS2 Games: (all games have barely been played)
Grand Theft Auto 3
Madden 2001 - $25
Star Wars Starfighter
Tiger Woods Golf 2001 - $15
Also have:
Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad
PC Games -
Links 98
Greg Norman Golf
EA PGA Tour '99
WANTS: (Open to Others)
Amazon or other GCs *
Saturday Night Fever
Star Wars AOTC
Pay it Forward
Bad News Bears
Jerry Maguire SE
Ocean's Eleven (2001)
Ocean's Eleven
Some Kind of Wonderful
Fatboy Slim - Live on Brighton Beach
The Shipping News *
Simpson's Season 2*
A Beautiful Mind
Bruce - Live in NY
Memento SE
Dog Day Afternoon
Reservoir Dogs - SE
Sports Night
Sopranos Season 2
Sopranos Season 3
Dave Matthews - Live at Folsom Field
Dave Matthews - Video Collection
Toy Story 1/2
Bon Jovi - Crush Tour or One Wild Night
The Game - Criterion
12 Monkees
Reqium for a Dream - Unrated
There are quite a few titles I want that are not on this list...send me trade lists.
Adult with Raylene or Chasey Lane
* = higher on want list
* = does not mean automatic 2-1 just because there is a *

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