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    I'm a 10 here on the GTL and a 139 with no negs on eBay (username:iamkirok), so no worries.
    I will take or give 2 CDs for 1 DVD, depending on titles.
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Superbit PENDING
    Farscape - Season 2 - 2.1 (2 disk - 4 episodes)
    First Blood (original release)
    Lord Of The Flies - Criterion
    Mercury Rising CE
    Hollow Man - SE
    Patriot, The - SE
    Point Men, The
    Pulp Fiction - Canadian Version
    Pearl Harbor - 60th Anniversary
    Rambo:First Blood Part II (original release)
    Rambo III (original release)
    Seven Samurai - Criterion
    Starship Troopers (original release)
    Star Trek II - TWOK (original release)
    TERMINATOR 2 UE - LE Metal Case - 2 DVD-9s! - SEALED
    True Romance
    Ace Of Base - The Sign
    Alannah Myles - Alannah
    Alarm, The - Electric Folklore LIVE
    Alice In Chains - Self-titled
    Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack (don't ask!)
    Billy Idol - Vital Idol
    Billy Joel - River Of Dreams
    Black Sabbath - 2 Disc Reunion CD in rare Digipak
    Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
    Great White - The Best Of 1986-1992
    Haywire - Nuthouse
    Iron Maiden - Live After Death
    Jackyl - Push Comes To Shove
    Judas Priest - Jugulator
    Kiss - Greatest
    Lynch Mob - Smoke This
    Poison - Open Up and Say...Ahh! (no tongue)
    Queensryche - Hear In The Now Frontier
    Queensryche - Promised Land
    Ritual - I Give
    EMPTY Set Boxes (i.e. no DVDs inside)
    In case anyone wants these things. I don't really know what I'd want for them, but try me.
    Oliver Stone Collection (11 title version)
    Lethal Weapon - The Complete Series (original 4 title black box)
    Jurassic Park Trilogy (4 title box)

    13 Ghosts
    Brotherhood, The (1968 - imdb)
    Bull Durham SE
    Clash of the Titans
    Element Of Crime, The - CC
    Final Countdown
    Hart's War
    Hitchhiker's Guide
    John Q
    Legend UE
    Long Good Friday, The - CC
    MASH Season 2
    Memento - LE
    Mercury Rising CE DTS
    Net, The
    No Man's Land
    Oz Season 1
    Russia House
    Spy Game
    ST:TNG - Vol 1
    ST:TNG - Vol 2
    ST:TNG - Vol 3
    Top Secret
    Video Essentials - Digital
    X-Files Season 5
    AC/DC - Fly On The Wall
    AC/DC - Highway To Hell
    Device - Device
    FM - Black Noise
    FM - Con-Test
    Frozen Ghost - Nice Place To Visit
    Frozen Ghost - Shake Your Spirit
    Grim Reaper - Rock You To Hell
    Harem Scarem - Mood Swings
    Harem Scarem - Karma Cleansing
    Harem Scarem - Big Bang Theory
    Impellitteri - Black
    Impellitteri - Grin And Bear It
    Impellitteri - Victim Of The System
    Impellitteri - Answer To The Master
    Impellitteri - Screaming Symphony
    Impellitteri - Eye Of The Hurricane
    Impellitteri - Crunch
    Invasion (Vinnie Vincent) - Invasion
    Invasion (Vinnie Vincent) - All Systems Go
    Keel - Keel
    Keel - The Final Frontier
    Kick Axe - Rock the world
    Metallica - And Justice For All
    Metallica - Master Of Puppets
    Metallica - Ride The Lightning
    Pretty Maids - Pretty Maids
    Queen - {Best Of / Classics}
    Queensryche - Rage For Order
    Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
    Quiet Riot - QR II
    Quiet Riot - Condition Critical
    Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
    Rainbow - Rising
    Rainbow - Long Live Rock'n'Roll
    Rainbow - Down To Earth
    Rainbow - Difficult To Cure
    Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes
    Rainbow - Bent Out Of Shape
    Rainbow - The Best Of Rainbow
    Saxon - Innocence Is No Excuse
    Saxon - Rock The Nation
    TNT - Tell No Tales
    Vixen - Rev It Up
    Weird Al Yankovic - Weird Al Yankovic
    Weird Al Yankovic - Weird Al Yankovic in 3-D
    Weird Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid
    Weird Al Yankovic - Polka Party
    Weird Al Yankovic - Even Worse
    Weird Al Yankovic - Off The Deep End
    Weird Al Yankovic - Alapalooza
    Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day
    Whitesnake - Trouble
    Whitesnake - Love Hunter
    Whitesnake - Come & Get It
    Whitesnake - Ready & Willing
    Whitesnake - Saints & Sinners
    Whitesnake - Restless Heart
    Whitesnake - Stalkeys In Tokyo
    Y&T (yesterday & today) - In Rock We Trust
    Y&T (yesterday & today) - Down For The Count
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    You've got more mail!
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