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Gary Thomas

Second Unit
Jan 17, 1999
After a recent upgrade to a HK625 Receiver, I'm parting with the following stuff:

Denon AVR-3802 7.1 Receiver w/ DD, DTS-ES, DPLII, Component Video Switching, 8 Channel Inputs & More. I am the original owner & this unit is in MINT condition. I will double box & ship in the original box w/ original packing materials. Includes manual & remote. Email me if you would like to see a picture or for additional details about this outstanding receiver. $450 plus $25 for UPS Ground Shipping. Actual shipping to Canada.

Behringer Feedback Destroyer - DSP 1124P in MINT condition. Will ship in original box w/ instruction manual. $75 + $10 for UPS Ground Shipping. Actual shipping to Canada.

S-Video Cables:

Monster 1M S-Video Cable: M500V S-1M $20
Better Cables 3M Silver Serpent S-Video Cable: $70
Monster 4M S-Video Cable: MVSV3 - 4M $30
Blue Jeans 20 Foot S-Video Cable: 1808A Belden w/ Calrod Mini-Din Plugs $30

Composite Video RCA Cable:

Monster 4M Video Cable: M500VR - 4M $20

Subwoofer Interconnect:
Monster 201 SW HT THX Certified 12 Foot Subwoofer Interconnect w/ Y Adapter Allows Sub-Out to connect into two Sub inputs. $25

Audio Cables:
Monster Interlink 300MKII - 2M Pair - $20

1M Bettercables Silver Serpent 1/4RA - 1/4RA Audio Interconnect. $15

Packing & shipping on all cables will be $5. Will combine if you want multiple items...I won't gouge on the shipping!

Please feel free to email me with questions. I have over 400 positive feedback w/ no neutral or negative on ebay under the name gjthomas1.

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