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    The Following DVDs are for sale with FREE shipping in USA and Canada. All are used but in excellent condition, except where otherwise noted. Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed! I do not sell bootlegs or cheap foreign imports.

    If you wish to purchase, or put yourself on my monthly email sale list, please write to me at [email protected]. I regularly sell DVDs, comics books and illustrated books. I accept paypal, checks and money orders. I will also consider trade-ins, so feel free to send me your list.

    I have a very high feedbay rating on ebay (id is stanrozenfeld)

    24 Season 1 (Sealed, New) $32
    The Alligator People (classic 50s horror) $7.50
    Angel Season 1 (sealed, new) $32
    Back To Back (independent action film – Michael Rooker) $10
    A Better Tomorrow (John Woo, Chow Yun Fat) $12
    Buffalo Bill and The Indians (Paul Newman) $10
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1 (Sealed, New) $21
    Cast Away (Tom Hanks 2-disc edition) $13.50
    Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle Unrated (widescreen) $9
    Crimson Tide $8
    Dark Angel Season 1 (Sealed, New) $28
    Eraser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) $6.50
    The Exorcist 25th Anniversary Edition $12.50
    The Forsaken (independent vampire film) $6
    Futurama Vol. 1 (Sealed, New) $22
    Girls in the Hood (Hong Kong action thriller) $8
    The Great Escape $8
    Hackers (Angelina Jolie) $7.50
    Hoosiers (Gene Hackman) $7.50
    In Living Color Season 1 (Sealed, New) $22
    King of the Hill Season 1 (Sealed, New) $28
    Le Divorce $7.50
    MASH Season 1 (Sealed, New) $22
    Matrix $9
    Matrix Revolutions $9
    Millennium Season 1 (Chris Carter Series, Sealed, New) $35
    Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise) $7.50
    North By Northwest (widescreen) $10
    The Official Story $10
    Prizzi’s Honor (Jack Nicholson) $7.50
    Roswell Season 1 (Sealed, New) $32
    Simpsons Complete First Season (Sealed, New) $22
    Some Like It Hot $8.50
    Star Trek: First Contact $9
    Star Trek TOS Vol. 8 The Menagerie $7
    Star Trek TOS Vol. 1 Where No Man Has Gone Before/Corbomite Maneuver $7
    Zatoichi – Tale of Zatoichi (the original) $10
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    I'll take Matrix Revolutions, email me at evilyoda at gmail dot com

    Haven't bought a DVD here in a while...feels nice [​IMG]

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