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    Not sure if this is the best forum, but I am wondering if I am missing something, and would like some feedback. I recently upgraded to dig cable (Att/MediaOne in No Mass) and they came to install the new set-top box last week. It was a free upgrade and since I don't watch much network TV, this is my preference as opposed to sattelite. I have a decent HT setup that is used for Music and DVDs. I do want to upgrade my TV soon and would like to get the most out of it.
    Why would they install a digital cable box with no digital output? Am I missing something? It has S-Vid optional, but they have to come back out to install the S-Vid component to the box. I was told on the phone that their box would come with both S-Vid and component outputs. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Am I missing something or is this upgrade pointless so far?
    Here is the unit:
    Digital Addressable Interactive Digital Consumer Terminal[DCT-2000]
    It can be seen at: http://gicout50.gic.gi.com/GIHomepa.nsf/?Open
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    The DCT-2000s come either with both S-Video and digital coax audio outputs, or neither. I have 2 boxes which have both and they came like this from the factory. I would be extremely surprised if the cable company did any retrofitting and I would bet money on it that this is not done in the field. Furthermore, no DCT-2000s come with component out, the only Motorola boxes to probably have this are the DCT-5000 which I am not sure have even be rolled out yet (very long delays with the firmware although over a million in orders apparently).
    So I would request your cable company to swap out the box if they indeed do have the DCT-2000s with S-Video etc. The great majority of DCT-2000s deployed by cable companies in North America do not have S-Video or digital audio outputs.
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    I don't want to turn this into a DSS vs. cable thread but...
    Prior to switching to DSS I also had AT&T digital cable in Massachusetts. Same box as yours, no s-video and no digital outs for audio. The reason they are pushing the digital boxes, I believe, is two-fold:
    1. They are able to provide more channels (mostly music channels and PPV, BTW) albeit at a more compressed and hence lower PQ on all but the premium channels. (IMHO)
    2. They are moving toward more interactive features which will only be possible with these new digital boxes.
    Before switching to DSS I had several conversations and correspondences with AT&T regarding their future plans, expecially in the area of HDTV. At each turn I was told they they had no plans to provide HDTV at this time and were waiting to see if it was "viable" ($$) for them. While it's certainly their prerogative to spend their money where they see fit, their goals and mine on these issues led me away from cable. YMMV

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