denon dvd-1600 and layer change questions

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    I was interested in buying the Denon DVD-1600. It received a very good video review in the DVD Benchmark, however it is stated that the layer change is 1.75 seconds. Just for clarification, when do these layer changes occur, just once in a movie, or several times, or does it just depend on the movie. As you can see, I am a little confused. I know when I watched Independence Day Special Edition on my old Pioneer I used to have, it would hesitate considerably when switching to the added scenes. Is this a layer change? Also, right now I am using my X-Box as my main DVD player and I haven't seen any hesitations in any of my movies. Does anyone happen to know what speed the X-Box has regarding layer changes? I just wanted to compare, I know the audio and video quality of the Denon should be far superior. Thanks, as always, for your help.[​IMG]
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    There's only one layer change in a single-sided dual-layer disc (probably 90% of discs released these days). A dual-layer, dual-sided disc will of course have one layer change per side.

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