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    I had no idea what I was getting into as I placed the first Blu-ray disc of Hannibal, the newest incarnation of the character best known by the work of Anthony Hopkins.

    Of course, Sir Anthony wasn't the first Hannibal Lector. That honor goes to Brian Cox, who represented the good doctor in the original Manhanter (1986).

    The fact that the 1991 The Silence of the Lambs won numerous awards, inclusive of The Academy Award for Best Picture, set the stage for three more delicious films.

    The fact that Dr. Lector is now firmly a part of TV, with his own series, is less surprising than the positioning of the story-line as taken by the new series.

    As far as I can tell, everything that we've known is left behind. New characters, a new Dr. Lector, now very interestingly portrayed by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, with Hugh Dancy coming along as an FBI agent with a knack for visualizing crime scenes, usually involving serial killers. The fact that he innocently joins forces with the good doctor, in helping him solve crimes only makes things more appetizing.

    What surprised me is what made me respond to the series. A totally new direction, as opposed to a low-rent retelling, which I feared.

    The quality here is superb, with great production values -- the series is based in Toronto. The look and textures are what also caught my eye.

    Like many other current TV series, and some great feature films, Hannibal is shot with the Arri Alexa, taken through a 2k DI, and yielding occasionally astonishingly beautiful (although sometimes quite grim) high definition images.

    More importantly, and especially for those who viewed it on TV, and are considering the Blu-ray for a second visit, Hannibal, on Blu-ray will be far superior to what they saw in broadcast.

    DTS-HD MA 5.1 discreet audio only adds to the environment.

    Hannibal is superb television, and even better Blu-ray entertainment. It grabs you, and doesn't let go. Be both warned, and aware, this is adult television.

    Recommended, and especially so at under $30 on Amazon.

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    Joshua Zyber
    Although it takes many liberties with the plotting and extrapolates the storylines significantly, this show is much closer to the original Hannibal Lecter as described in the first couple of Thomas Harris novels than any of the movies have been. The series is far better than I ever expected it to be. I enjoyed it immensely.

    RAH, does the Blu-ray contain the one episode that was pulled from broadcast after the Boston Marathon bombing (episode 4, "Œuf")?
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    I'm not RAH, but yes it does. There are also "Producers Cuts" of some episodes, apparently with content that was too intense for broadcast TV. This link examines episode 12, and comparisons for the other episodes are also available:

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    I thought the final scene of the final episode was quite brilliant, as satisfying and as witty as one of Dr Lector's gourmet dinners. However, after 3 episodes I did think the FBI were pretty stupid not to spot the killer in their midst. And what about that totem pole? Never seen anything like it in my life!

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