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32GB iPad Wifi for sale, mint condition, central NJ (1 Viewer)

Sam Posten

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As followers of the Apple forum know already, I couldn't stand waiting for my iPad 3G pre-order to arrive so on the day that the Wifi-only models came in I wound up getting a 32gigger to tide me over. My 3G arrived last week and it is now time for my Wifi to find a new home.

It is in pristine shape and was held in the Apple case (not included) since the start. Includes everything that comes with a fresh order including the instructions, stickers, and 2 piece charger. I will include a copy of the receipt that Apple emailed me, I did not get an in store receipt. I have used the amazing iKleer soft cloth to remove all fingerprints and will bring the cloth to the sale location so that it goes in as pristine a condition as possible.

List price is $599 and as far as I know there is absolutely no way to find one discounted anywhere. I bought mine in a retail brick and mortar store in NJ so paid our state sales tax bringing the price to just over $630. As far as I can tell there is no way to buy an iPad these days without paying some form of sales tax unless you physically buy it in a state that does not collect such a tax. Regardless: I will eat the tax and offer a discount off the list price for 1 month of use I put on it.

The funny thing is that if you look at retailers like Amazon, people are actually selling these used and for a profit! They are selling for for $650+ on Amazon in the Marketplace.

I'm asking $575 and hoping to sell this as a local sale in Central NJ (Middletown or surrounding area). As shipping it would eat into the discounts listed above I'd like to exhaust the possibilities for a local sale first. Obviously this offer is only open to HTF members =) PMs are fine but email to [email protected] is better. Not interested in trades with the possible exception of a Nikon D3, D3s or D700, or Nikon brand supertelephoto lenses (ie no third party lenses!) =)


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If I wasn't flat broke I go for it.

I'd love to have one but need to have available funds for the next iphone.

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