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  1. MarsMovieGuide.com

    WANTED: VHS/LaserDisc - Special Report: Journey to Mars (1996)

    WANTED: VHS/LaserDisc - Special Report: Journey to Mars (1996) I'm looking for a reasonable copy of the Made-for-TV film "Special Report: Journey to Mars" (1996) Anyone have one in their collection they'd be willing to part with? I'd also appreciate any possible sources/sightings for finding...
  2. J

    The Legend of Lizzie Borden VHS

    Would anybody be interested in this CIC Video. Starring Elizbeth Montogomery. Wasn't in released in U.S. on VHS. Would like to know if there would be interest and would it be worth getting cleaned. Thanks.
  3. E


    Anyone know of any places online where people still trade VHS tapes? Or if anyone trades them here? My local supply has dried up considerably over the last five years or so and I'm reluctant to buy from eBay and Amazon as I've had bad experiences buying video tapes from them. I'm hoping to...
  4. Garysb

    What Are These Retro Look VHS Blu Rays

    A few are being released in 2019 . A way to add ugly covers to your blu ray collection or a way to sell less than great movies, though I am sure they have their fans. Is anyone nostalgic for VHS or rental stores? From Mill Creek and the Sony library...
  5. C

    Any VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Players?

    Are there any manufacturers which still make to this day any combination players that do DVD and Blu-Ray as well as VHS tapes? If yes, then who makes the best one in terms of reliability (least amount of problems related to it)? ~Ben
  6. NIvekian

    Any US tapeheads looking to trade?

    I have a trade list and a wishlist, both are updated frequently.
  7. IveWatchedHitch35Times

    6 Head VCR vs. S-Video VCR

    Hello all. Long-time lurker, first time poster. I have a large VHS collection that I cherish and watch frequently. Lately my old Magnavox VCR seems to be on its last legs. I have been shopping around for new VCR with a 120$ max budget and seem to be stuck between two options: a 6 head VCR or an...