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  1. CaseyJamea

    Help with 15' bungee attached removable rear projection screen [PICS]

    Hola, Two left feet in need of carpentry expertise. Installing a removable screen for rear projection between two pillars (either side) - near as possible to floor/ceiling, without touching - grommets/bungee/eye_hooks on top and sides, but not bottom - lip, visible in the pics, on either side...
  2. T

    Home theater projector set-up

    Hello everybody. I´m planning on turning my living room into a proper home theater. The room has a roof that slopes up from 8ft 6" to 11ft 10". Length of the room is 14ft 9" and width 8ft 9". Picture attached. My question is, on wich wall should I attach a movie projector, the tall one ore the...
  3. C

    New home..setting up theater room

    Hi, I just built a home and wired in a 7 channel system I’m wondering if I’m better going 7.2 or if 5.2.2 Atmos would be a better option...this I a basic drawing of my layout...the 4rears are ALL in ceiling. please give me your thoughts...I am concerned that being that all the rears are...
  4. John Mot

    Please advice 11 X 16.4 theater room

    Experts Please Advice .. I don't have any previous experience in having a separate home theater room, in the new home that we are constructing, we are thinking of converting one bedroom room to a media room and its dimensions are 11 wide x 16.4 length x 9 height . We don't know whether this is...
  5. Luishawn98

    Suggestions please

    I currently have a 21x18 Bonus room that I would like to turn into a movie room, is this a good size room for it? I'm assuming it is but would like some input on it, thanks