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  1. John Sparks

    Uk movies from NETWORK and the BRITISH FILM

    Just ordered DVDs of INVASION, THE TERRORNAUTS, TIMESLIP and DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS all from Studio Canal @ Amazon UK. These are Region 2 DVD discs. Luckily I had my Samsung K8500 converted to REGION FREE @ 220 Electronics. I've only watched INVASION and the print was excellent!!! Upscaled to 4K...
  2. classicmovieguy

    International Classic British DVD titles from Network!

    Pre-orders and cover art on Amazon UK April 21st: Hide and Seek (Ian Carmichael) The Comedy Man (Kenneth More) King's Rhapsody (Errol Flynn) All the Way Up (Warren Mitchell) Dreaming (Flanagan & Allen) April 28: Death is a Woman (Patsy Ann Noble) Mister Ten Percent (Charlie Drake) Elstree...