1. Garysb

    What Are These Retro Look VHS Blu Rays

    A few are being released in 2019 . A way to add ugly covers to your blu ray collection or a way to sell less than great movies, though I am sure they have their fans. Is anyone nostalgic for VHS or rental stores? From Mill Creek and the Sony library...
  2. Bryan^H

    Retro gaming

    Here is a thread for all of the retro game enthusiasts to discuss all things retro. I want this, and I think I may just go for it: Analogue Super NT. What a beauty. Edit: ordered--whoa, $35 shipping. That was difficult.
  3. Peter M Fitzgerald

    I'm nostalgic for old 'Creature Features' intros on local TV...

    ...things like "Chiller Theatre" from WPIX-11 out of New York, WGN-9 Chicago's "Creature Features" and WKGB/WLVI-56 Boston's "Creature Double Feature"... I recently made a couple of my own, just for fun, using free audio/video editing software: :popcorn: