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  1. Douglas Bailey

    Getting binary junk when clicking on link

    When I click the Continue reading… link in the first post of the Lawrence of Arabia (Columbia Classics Collection) UHD Review thread, I get binary junk instead of rendered HTML. Happens in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (latest 64-bit versions), in regular and incognito/private modes.
  2. Nelson Au

    Could not get into a subscribed thread from email link

    i got an email notice of replies to a thread I’m subscribing to. When I clicked the link, I got a page called Dev.hometheaterforum.com where I had to enter my name and password. My password did not work. Is there a new separate walled off section to the HTF? Or was this Phishing spam? thanks...
  3. Paul Penna

    Link problem

    The link in this post: https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/posts/4590877/ is actually the correct URL for the product page at Movie Unlimited, but clicking on it tries to make some kind redirect that winds you up on the Movie Unlimited Home page.
  4. bigshot

    CAVEAT EMPTOR: Logitech Harmony Link no longer being supported

    I just got a message through my Logitech app that in March, Logitech will no longer support the Harmony Link and it will become non-functional. Gee thanks Logitech for turning my remote control into a shiny black doorstop. Of course, they encourage me to buy the new and improved Logitech hub...