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cerwin vega

  1. zamboniguy420

    Going to upgrade Cerwin v12f to Polk RTI A5, will I notice?

    Hey everyone. It's well over due that I upgrade to my front Cerwin Vega v12f's. I am thinking about getting the Polk Audio RTI-A5. My question is, will I notice a big difference in sound quality? I have never really had anything other than my v12f's as fronts. I have always been told though that...
  2. M

    Are Cerwin-Vega speakers any good?

    I'm looking at Cerwin-Vega's home floorstanding speakers. Many people say that they play loud, have a lot of bass, but produces unrefined sound overall. Are they really that bad? Bic America has a lineup of floorstanding speakers called RtR which has similar looks to Cerwin-Vega's speakers...