catfisch cinema

  1. DaveF

    SVS SB-3000's added to Catfisch Cinema

    Unboxing I'll start with the basic unboxing. The SVS SB-3000 ship in a single box. It has substantial foam packaging and an ample air gap (several inches) providing passive protection from shipping damage. (See final photo on that.) In decided what subwoofers to buy, an important consideration...
  2. DaveF

    Upgrading the DaveF household to 4K UHD

    I'm thinking of going 4K late this year. I want to start some early planning, figure out what I don't know, what gear I'll need (large and small), and work out the budget. My speculative schedule is to start with the pre-ordering of 2019 projectors, typically announced at CEDIA in the Fall. I...