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  1. N

    Bracket pole mount for bookshelf speakers

    Hey, so I'm trying to build my first real HT setup, and I've been searching with no avail. So I have to ask, does anyone know if there are any pole mounts for bookshelf speakers? I'm looking at getting some Polk audio TSi100s, and instead of getting a normal stand, I was hoping to be able to...
  2. Ronald Epstein

    Help: Need Atmos height speakers with swivel bracket for drop ceiling

    In a bit of a bind, a bit busy right now to research, and thought I would reach out for help.... Need Atmos ceiling speakers. Not the round kind that fits into the ceiling. I need something along the lines of outdoor speakers with a swivel bracket that can be mounted to a drop ceiling frame...
  3. D

    My wall mount broke

    I have an Energy Encore home theatre kit that is fairly old now. A few days ago the wall mount broke and the speaker fell down. Thankfully it was in a carpeted room, so the damage to the speaker was minor. What can I buy to mount these speakers? The metal plate on the back of the speaker can be...