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  1. Everett Painter

    For Sale: Oppo BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player *like new*

    Very lightly used Oppo BDP-103 universal blu-ray player. I ended up using it mainly as a network player to pull audio off an external drive. Transport has seen only about 20 hours of use, the unit as a whole around 40-50. I am the original and only owner. The unit is in perfect cosmetic and...
  2. DavidMiller

    Oppo BDP-83 & BDP-103

    I have two Oppo players available for sale: BDP-83 - $100 BDP-103 - $250 I would prefer to sell them in Washington but would ship. Shipping costs would be extra. If the prices are too high let me know but they seemed reasonable
  3. dpippel

    SOLD: Oppo BDP-103 Region-Free 3D Universal Player

    ** SOLD **