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  1. Shene

    Bundling Mogami Neglex balanced cables for "Neatness"

    I have both a 5 channel Anthem amplifier and an Anthem 15.4 processor/preamp on order. I also have a pair of subwoofers at the same end of the room as my Video/theater equipment cabinet. These 7 lines could be encased in one of those wire wraps at least from the processor to the first subwoofer...
  2. chaostoday

    Belden 1800F Balanced cables

    I'm going to make some balanced cables for my EMO amp to preamp with some Belden 1800F I have. I purchased some Neutrik XX series XLR's that I have used in the past with other balanced cable. I noticed that the belden has Positive, negative and ground along with the braid. Not used to this. Do I...