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  1. W

    Holding off until new atsc tuners are available in 2018 TVs

    I own a Pioneer KRP-600M plasma, professionally ISF calibrated, which I bought new in 2009, but I'm holding off in buying a new 4K UHTV until next year when the new ATSC tuners are implemented and available with the 2018 models. What say you guys about that? Thanks!
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    FCC approves 4k revision to ATSC broadcast standard

    News article: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-television-technology/fcc-approves-tv-technology-that-gives-better-pictures-but-less-privacy-idUSKBN1DG2XF FCC press release: http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2017/db1116/DOC-347803A1.pdf ATSC 3.0 standard...