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  1. titch

    Amazon.com no longer shipping orders overseas?

    I was going to pre-order some titles due to be shipping this week - the 1917 4K UHD, among them - and none of the titles will ship to Norway. Checked all the titles I recently ordered and if I were to try and purchase them again, I'm notified that they won't ship to my address. Any other...
  2. Nick*Z

    AMAZON.COM overnight astronomical increase in Import Fees

    Okay, this one is just a no-brainer, or rather...seemed like one until this morning and I am just wondering if ANYONE on these message boards is experiencing a similar shocker when placing 'international orders' via Amazon.com. My situation: On Dec. 9th I pre-ordered the Warner Archive's...
  3. D

    Connect Ultraviolet to Alternative VOD?

    Is possible to connect an Ultraviolet account to either Amazon Instant or Google Play? I have a growing UV library, but Amazon/Google are my preferred streaming services and I would prefer to playback my UV titles on those services if possible. Thanks!
  4. Jason Charlton

    Denon AVR-S910W Receiver Discounted on Amazon

    With the recent release of the Denon 920, last years 910 model (virtually identical to the newer 920) is now showing up as "discontinued" and at a $100 discount over typical MSRP (now $479 compared to $579). If you're in the market for a solid, well-featured AVR (and its limited Atmos support...
  5. Robert Crawford

    Amazon Pre-orders

    robert-crawford has published a new article. Amazon Pre-orders [B]Robert Crawford will maintain this Blu-ray Preorder Release Schedule so the HTF membership can see what titles are available for preorder in the... Continue reading the original article.