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    Looking for software......

    I'm looking at putting together my first HTPC. I'll be using the coolermaster case, an M-Audion 24/96 w/ toslink in and out, a all-in-wonder 9700 pro. I don't exactly what motherboard and processor I'll be running, but that shouldn't matter. I'm wanting to use it as a PVR off my satellite. What...
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    WTB: Harman Kardon

    Yeah, I'm trying to pick up a used one a little cheaper than ebay.
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    WTB: Harman Kardon

    I'm looking for a FL 8380 CD player and either a DVD50 or DVD25. Email me if you have either.
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    Looking For A H/k Avr325 Used

    I bought mine from there and it's perfect, they just forgot to send me the power cord...they did overnight it to me though. Good company, great price, awesome product. Plus, it's the best deal you'll find.
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    Need remote... Will trade.

    I love, I think the software is straight forward and very easy to use. A quick fix for the range and dim backlight are tadiran batteries. My backlight and range was horrible. I started looking around on different remote forums and read that putting 2 3.6v batteries and 2 standard AA helps. IT...
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    Need remote... Will trade.

    You may want to look into the JBL TC1000, they can be had for about $50 on ebay and has a built in database. It won't have every feature the factory remote has, but most of the important ones. I just received mine and loved it. If you need more info, feel free to contact me.
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    Velodyne CT-150 / $375 to your door here in the states.

    I've loved the velo's since I first heard them and I listen to my music pretty bass heavy so a 15" is ideal. I wish you were into car audio, I have tons I could trade for it. I'll let you know the minute I get some more cash in my pocket.
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    Velodyne CT-150 / $375 to your door here in the states.

    I know, I want it, however, my girlfriends transmission just went out and I had to clean out the savings to foot for her new $1900 transmission. If you can wait a little bit. I'll take it. It's what I've been looking for.
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    where is the cheapest price on the sony sw40?

    I have looked into this and the cheapest is crutchfield. Yes, believe it or not, cruchfield. Their shipping is only $10 compared to everyone else's $20-$30. You can get it there for $160 shipped. Hope this helps.
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    Velodyne CT-150 / $375 to your door here in the states.

    Where are you located? Looking for any trades?
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    Kenwood Series 21

    http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pu...sp?id_=2337640 http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pu...sp?id_=2097261
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    Kenwood Series 21

    These are very rare in the US, however a highly regarded system overseas. I have the pre-amp and amp for sale. The model number is C-V500 for the preamp and the amp is MA-300. Email for pics or more questions. I'm accepting all reasonable offers, please don't offer me $50.00. Thanks.
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    tweaking...where to begin.

    I've never had it run the test tone on the sub? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Phase Tech speakers

    I almost bought a 5.1 set of Phase TEchs. I love them. I got a great deal on some JBL's and went them. I do however plan to upgrade to them soon. Very good soundling speaker. I auditioned the bookshelves, they had incredible bass response and wonderful highs. Just my opinion, but I liked them...
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    JBL Northridge - In search of best prices...

    I'm far from an audiophile and the system hasn't been properly calibrated, but from my experience so far it sounds great. Sound moves very smoothly across the L/C/R. To a reasonably untrained ear, I love it, no complaints. I watched the patriot yesterday and at the end of the movie where the...