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    Best way to learn a foreign language quickly in your home?

    The foriegn language teacher at my school likes the pimsluer (sp?) method the best for learning on your own. Lately, I have been trying to teach myself German using "The Everything Learning German Book. While I read the German words I say everything outloud. But still, it is hard for my to...
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    Classical Fans, Give me your top 5

    As far as Berlioz, look into The Damnation of Faust and Symphonie Fantastique. Also, get a disk of overtures. Stefan
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    Classical Fans, Give me your top 5

    Here are my top 5 favorite pieces of music: Mahler's 2nd Symphony Mahler's 3rd Symphony Stavinsky's Rite of Spring Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique Tie between Shostokovich's 7th or Sibelius 2nd My favorite recordings of most classical music tend to be The Chicago Symphony, but they're...
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    What are some good Dreamcast games

    My wife just bought a dreamcast from ebay because she just had to have this southpark game. The playstation version wasn't good enough. Anyway, now that we have it, I would like to know what the good games are. Any genre will be fine. Thanks Stefan
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    The Village (2004)

    Yes, I must have missed the tombstone. I suppose that would have changed my mindset about that twist. Still, it all worked for me. Stefan
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    The Village (2004)

    Put me into the group of people who really liked the movie. Sure, there are nit-picks along the way, but you go to a movie to be entertained. If you want reality, someone can come to my house and film me during 2 hours of my everyday life. Actually, I never really got a sense that this movie...
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    Anyone have one of those new front loading washer machines?

    I like my front loading Kenmore for the quite washing. But the high speed spin cycle is loud and shakes the whole house. The machine is level and I even had a tech come out. Still shakes. Stefan
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    Blazing Saddles SE - Specs

    If you listen to the old commentary, you realize that he is not refering to anything that is happening in the movie. So therefore it is not scene specific. By calling the commentary on the new disk scene specific, it suggests that a new commentary was made. If you don't want to call it false...
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    Roommate Just Moved out.

    That's too bad. They just were not raised with responsibility. Like my wife. I'm the clean one. She just never had to clean growing up. Stefan
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    State borders....

    As far as MD, it is actually 2 miles at the place you are talking about. But I realize you were just exaggerating for the sake of the point of the post. The northern border of MD is the Mason Dixon line, which was deliniated to settle a property dispute. The southern border (of western MD) is...
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    Roommate Just Moved out.

    I had a couple slob roommates over the years. It's like they think that since you live there, they are just there to rent their room. I interviewed potential roomates beforehand and told them that it was an equal commitment. It's not like I own the apartment, I just lived here before you. Make...
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    Blazing Saddles SE - Specs

    It's right there on the back cover of the dvd. Anybody who has the original release knows that the "commentary" is just Brooks taking randomly about the movie - with no regard to the action on the screen. I doubt he was actually watching the movie when he did it. So when it has been advertised...
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    Blazing Saddles SE - Specs

    Well, I have to say that I am not happy that they retained the original commentary. I got the disc today and was looking forward to the new commentary - but didn't get it. Sounds like false advertising to me. The transfer is great, but the extras - including the commentary is what I was really...
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    Man Lies Dead in Apartment for 20 Years

    Pretty convenient that a newspaper was sitting there. Hmmmm???? Stefan
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    Device that tracks a dog's location?

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103239/ The first movie that came to mind was Wedlock. The prisoners wore a collar around their neck and if any prisoner got too far from another, the colar explodes. A good movie. Perhaps a GPS device on the dog Stefan