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    phono stage for Goldring GR-1

    I bought my Goldring from Audio Advisor. It looks very similar to a Rega P2. Uses the RB-250 arm. A bit more plastic than the Rega. No VTA but weight, anti skating, and azimuth are adjustable. MDF platter. Record mat will need to be replaced or flattened Speed is slightly uneven - I can hear...
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    phono stage for Goldring GR-1

    I just bought a Goldring GR-1 turntable (RB-250 arm, Elektra cartridge). Amp is a Onkyo SR500 receiver; speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 8.2. What phono stage would you recommend for this turntable?
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    speaker stands

    eddieZEN I have been very pleased with the Diamonds. They are biwired with Cat5 Plenum. I also have the Diamond Centre. They sound tight with solid state especially when given a firm kick (Roksan Kandy amp) but even well above their price with my mass-market receiver. They are muddy when...
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    speaker stands

    I have Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 bookshelf speakers. Dimensions (HWD) 36.4 x 21.3 x 25.8 mm (14.3 x 8.4 x 10.2 in) Weight 7 kg (15 lb) each What speaker stands would you recommend?
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    FM antenna

    I need to get an indoor FM antenna (outdoor or attic is not an option). I need to pull in these stations: WAUS, public, classical, 15 mi. SSE WVPE, public, NPR and jazz, 40 mi. SSE WFMT, commercial, classical, 65 mi. W I currently have a Radio Shack 15-1843 and it is not doing the job...
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    Threshold Dragon V

    Does anyone know anything about the Dragon V (SS) integrated from Threshold? How does it sound? Dragon V - Multichannel Integrated Control Amplifier * High-current output stage * 100 Watts x 5, 120 Watts x 2 - configurable 2, 3, 5 channels * The perfect companion for today's SACD/DVD...
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    antenna for HDTV OTA reception

    ***if this is the wrong forum, please accept my apologies*** I have Dish Network (Dish Receiver 811, SuperDish 500) satellite television but it is not carrying my local network affiliates (PBS, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) in HDTV [South Bend IN local market]. Dish Customer Support confirms these...
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    The Official RCA Living Stereo SACD Thread

    There's a big advert (by Barnes and Noble booksellers) on the back cover of the current issue of Opera News for these recordings.
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    The Official RCA Living Stereo SACD Thread

    How do these compare to the XRCDs released by JVC for these titles? I've previously done comparisons for the JVC XRCD and RCA RBCD for several Living Stereo titles, and the XRCD was worlds better - mainly in terms of depth and texture, RBCD was lifeless. Even at double the price, JVC was...
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    HDCD, SACD, DVD-A reference material?

    HDCD Buy some of the titles by Reference Recordings My favourite is "Janacek" (RR-2103) http://referencerecordings.com/NEW.html#jose/czech DAD Muddy Waters - "Folk Singer" (Classic) SACD Alison Krauss - "New Favorite" (Rounder) Ravel - "Bolero" (MoFi) DVDA Shania...
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    The "Absolute, Bar None, No Holds Barred, Best Recording You Own" thread

    Muddy Waters "Folk Singer" (DAD, Classic Records)
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    Headphones: Grado SR60 vs SR80

    I'm moving into a smaller space with noise limitations so will need to do more headphone listening. My source will be Music Hall CD25; using the headphone amp in my Onkyo receiver. I critically listen mostly to classical, opera, vocal jazz and Alison Krauss. Headphones needs to sound good...
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    sat service: dish vs directv

    [Location: Saint Joseph, Michigan 49085] Just got an HDTV (Toshiba 51" RPTV upgrading from composite-only 27" direct view), now programming is needed to take advantage of it. The local cable company (Greene County Cable) doesn't have any HDTV options so now looking at satellite. Mostly...
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    Looks like its the Big Four: EU Approves Sony-BMG Merger

    Does this mean anything for XRCDs? Many RCA Living stereos have been reissued by JVC but I don't know if Sony participates.
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    Looks like its the Big Four: EU Approves Sony-BMG Merger

    BMG is RCA Living Stereo right? Between Sony's Columbia and BMG's RCA that's pretty much the catalogue of American classical recordings.