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    Plasma mounting and hiding cables

    Hello, I'm about ready to mount my 42" Sony plasma on the viewing wall. There should be no problem getting this done, but what to do about the wires afterwards? I don't exactly want to see them. What are my options, besides just getting a stick-on raceway and painting it the same color as the...
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    Speaker Grilles: On or Off and can you explain?

    With my JBL S-series speakers, I keep them off. Not only do they look much better that way, but my S310 speaker grills were wrecked in shipping. Sam
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    Is it OK to have down-firing sub on Carpet?

    Here's the real question Tommy... Do you want to go with the better component? or would you rather go with the luxury of not having to spend 20 minutes getting something stiff under your subwoofer? If the former, Buy the JBL and a piece of board. If The latter, go with the Sony. Sam
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    Monster power centers?

    I have the HTS5k, and I love it. I didn't really notice much of a difference in the sound, but that's not why I bought it...I wanted some filtering for major power issues, and a good power organizer for all of my equipment. It works great. No issues, don't mind the VU meter either...though...
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    Ground Loop Isolator

    No, don't waste money on the Magic Box yet. What I've recommended to several longtime posters has worked in every case that involved Cable TV signals as the culprit. Go buy the most inexpensive powerstrip that has a Cable filter on it as well. Plug in your cable, route the cable to your...
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    Question for Dolby Labs

    So it's specific to a certtain make/model, not a problem with Dolby then. I'd guess it was a microprocessor issue specific to those makes. Sam
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    Question for Dolby Labs

    No trouble with Pearl Harbor on a Panny RV-26/Pioneer Elite VSX-26TX combination. Sam
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    How to "bridge" a stereo amplifier?

    Not knowing your amp, I can't tell you if it's bridgeable or not. Most amps that are bridgeable will have direction printed on it, or at least indicate that it is bridgeable. Most of the time it involves either a jumper, or more commonly, connecting the + from one channel to the - of the...
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    Whole-house distribution?

    I'm on the same page as Joshua. I hope you've pre-wired, because retro's are a bitch. I'd run cat-5, Quad-shielded RG-6, and a good shielded speaker wire from your head-end(you'll need to choose that location with your installer), throughout the house. CHannel Plus is the most widely known...
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    WAF or S/O on Subwoofers

    Actually, I recommend for that price the ARS300. See it here: Upon checking it's current price, I was surprised to see it had fallen so low. I paid about $600 for mine almost 2 years ago. Well, it's an awesome sub, and it fills my room which is a touch...
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    What Does A Voice Coil Serve To Do?

    As far as I know, the main reason for DVC's is Parallel wiring schemes and dropping the impedance down to 2 or less ohms(at least in Car Audio). DVCs aren't used much in HT subs. As stated above, Voice coils with the magnet make up the motor structure that makes sound from a driver. Sam
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    Why does SUB have Phase switch?

    Ever notice how sometimes you reply to a message and it's like your brain dribbled out your ear prior to responding? The phase switch simply affects the timing of the waveform by 180deg. So, for instance, it arrives at the peak instead of the trough of a 25Hz. note. Sometimes a room will make...
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    Why does SUB have Phase switch?

    There are two types of "phase" corrections. One type is electrical, I.E.- you got the wires reversed. In this case, the sub will push itself out instead of sucking itself into the enclosure and moving air. Subs typically have no punch and you can tell the difference in sound. (this is mainly...
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    Can speaker magnets damage receiver?

    Nope, can't think of anything in a receiver, save interference(which I doubt), that would result from unshielded speakers. Sam