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    Panasonic Demonstrates new Viera Connect Application Social TV

    For those of us who have a home theater set up, we will definitely want to route the sound from the TV to our AV receiver. Since the internet signal is passing directly to the TV, I send the dignal from my Viera plasma to my AV receiver using the optical digital out jack on the back of the TV...
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    24: Season Seven

    Is it at all possible that Tony is actually good and that he killed Moss because he knew that Moss was a secret traitor? And, that Tony has had to keep quiet on this for some reason to be revealed next week?
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    Anyone install in-walls later have drywall or other issues?

    How about an in-wall subwoofer? http://www.proacousticsusa.com/produ...ID=85305641521 http://www.crutchfield.com/App/Produ...er&i=107CSW200 I'm sure there are other companies, as well.
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    What causes pixaliation on an HD set???

    Could also be signal strength.I had lots of pixilation problems when watching hi-def programs via cable until the cableco improved the strength of my cable signal by replacing the outdoor cable and adding an amplifer.
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    Can plasma's be repaired?

    I have a 4 year-old Pioneer plasma that one day made an audible "pop" and the display will no longer light up at all. It's been sitting unused for months now as I replaced it with a new one. How likely is it that a plasma can be repaired for a reasonable charge? (What kills me is that I...
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    HDMI switching - problems

    Thanks, everyone. Guess I'll add some digital/optical cables for the DVD and cable box. I might even connect the HDMI cables directly to the TV now, seeing as their is no real advantage to connecting them to the receiver. As a caveat to potential A/V receiver buyers - make sure you know if...
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    HDMI switching - problems

    Helped my son hook up a cheap A/V receiver (Sony STRDG510). Although I've hooked up many times with component cables this was my first foray in HDMI. We have run the HD cable box and the DVD player via HDMI to the receiver and then one HDMI cable from the receiver HDMI out to the plasma TV. Also...
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    how to normalize thousands of wavs all at once?

    Foobar does "Replaygain": http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?RGFoobar
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    24 - Season 5 ongoing thread

    And I turned to my wife and said "Jack's been Shanghaied".
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    Speaker Blowout Question

    My understanding is that speakers are most readily damaged by driving an amplifier into "clipping", which means turning the volume up so high that the amp goes into severe distortion. The reason you are less likely to blow your speakers is because a higher powered amp is less likely to be...
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    UPS only for minor outages

    I've read a lot of threads on UPS's, but none seem to address my simple need: We seem to get a 10-second power outage every week or so. This throws off my Harmony remote as some devices have powered down that it thinks are on. This drives my wife crazy as she can't/won't understand how to get...
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    making inwalls better/more sound proof?

    I think you will get less bass response. The manufacturer is assuming that there is a large wall cavity and has taken this into account. You will in effect reduce the size of the "box" that the speakers are in therefore less bass.
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    Best/favorite guitar solo?

    Mountain - Theme for An Imaginary Western - both solos by Leslie West are great. Incredibly emotional solos.
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    New home surround sound install

    If the fireplace is gas and if there is a substantial mantle and if the screen is at least a couple of inches above the mantle I think you will be fine as far as heat problems go.
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    IR Out / IR In

    It's usually a mini jack - available at Ratshack.