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    FS Onkyo TX-DS797 $450 SHIPPED!

    Hi Ed, Does it have preamp outputs? Phil
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    Paradigm Studio Setup (need ideas on different options)

    ArthurJ: I sent you a PM Phil
  3. PhillipC

    Complete Rotel set up. MINT !

    Hi David, How much just for the RSP-976?
  4. PhillipC

    Paradigm Studio 60/20 V.2 For Sale (Wood Veneer)

    Where in Alberta are you located?
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    Interesting Bryston Service Story....

    Hi guys, Just wanted to update you on my 9B-ST that had one channel not powering up. I was going to ship the whole amp in and had sent an e-amil to James Tanner with a description of the problem. With his help, I was able to see that a couple of fuses were gone, replaced those and they still...
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    Interesting Bryston Service Story....

    I hope I get the same service. I just bought a used 9B-ST and one of my channels does not light up when I power it on? Will let you know first hand how Bryston handles this
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    Setting center channel to "LARGE"

    Just wondering what everyone has their center channel set to? Would this be a good idea? I have Paradigm reference speakers all around and my Studio 100's are set to large only. I am running without a sub
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    Bryston 9B-ST vs. Sherbourn 5/5120

    Thanks guys...I was going that way as well
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    Bryston 9B-ST vs. Sherbourn 5/5120

    Which would you pick if you had a choice and why? A used 9B-ST that is about 2 years old or a brand new Sherbourn 5/5120 amp. Both would be priced about the same? Which is the better amp?
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    Rotel Owners News Alert: The 1066 Prepro is way undervalued!

    How about comparing a Rotel 1066 with a Lexicon dc-1 V4.0 for 2 channel sound? Which is better?
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    Rotel 1066 vs. Lexicon DC-1

    Currently have the Rotel 1066. Am considering buying a used Lexicon DC-1 V4.0. Which one is better? I've heard that the Lexicon is just awesome for movies. Since I listen to 2 channel more, which one is better for 2 channel listening?
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    Proud new owner of a Bryston 9BST

    Is this a ST or a SST amp?
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    Bryston 9bst vs 9bsst=worth the extra $?

    Has anyone compared the two head to head and there are no differences?
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    WTB: Interconnects (PreAMP to AMP)

    I have a pair of Cardas Golden Cross, a single Cardas Hexlink 5C and a pair of Cardas Hexlinks. Email me if interested. It will make for an awesome system!
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    Panasonic RP-56 upgrade???

    I am looking for a better picture quality