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    Any Joan Armatrading fans here? Question

    Thanks Andrew. I'm on top of a copy of "The Key" cd thanks to your post.
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    Any Joan Armatrading fans here? Question

    This is probably a long shot, but.... There was a Joan Armatrading 2 cd set released a couple of years ago called "Love and Affection: Classics." Anyone here have it by any chance? I noticed tonight that a song called "What Do The Boys Dream?" is listed on this compilation. I'd be happy to...
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    RENT (the musical)

    OK, I have to admit that, except for the few months when Spike Lee was attached to direct, I wasn't keen on seeing "RENT" adapted for the big screen. The trailer has me hoping that maybe it will work as a movie after all. RENT trailer
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    Help me chose a pair of slippers...

    You mean you're not gonna go with these? :D Since you've narrowed it down, it seems practical to go for #3 for those trips to the garbage chute. #1 is a little tricky anyhow - I like slides with no heels but those look too soft-soled to me.
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    Could anyone confirm if Alan Alda or Jimmy Smitts are listed in TWW's opening credits

    Does this show have an exceptionally long hiatus? Reason I ask is because Alda is probably already in rehearsals for "Glengarry Glenn Ross" (on Broadway) and that keeps him 6-days-a-week busy until September.
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    Arthur Miller 1915-2005

    The world needs another Arthur Miller, whose plays urge all within earshot to the highest personal code of honor. He leaves behind as a legacy not only THE great American play ("Death Of A Salesman") but many other works of genius that people will be reading and performing for at least another...
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    LENNON as in John

    Except for Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" I'm no fan of the "jukebox musical" trend, but it's too soon to say how "Lennon" will turn out...they just finished casting it. There are respected and talented people involved on stage and off, and I wouldn't be surprised if they make good theatre out of...
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    Ok so I finally discovered Joni Mitchell

    Gary - real pleased you've found something to get out of "Hejira"; thanks for the post saying so.
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    Songs named after or containing lyrics about old movie stars?

    "Ugly Little Dreams" by Everything But The Girl is about Frances Farmer "Car Song" by Elastica rhymes Honda with Peter Fonda "Shade of Scarlet Conquering" by Joni Mitchell: "the ghosts of Gable and Flynn" "Get Up and Get Out" by Iggy Pop mentions Bette Davis Would Le Tigre's "What's Yr...
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    Ok so I finally discovered Joni Mitchell

    Hey Gary - thanks for letting me know you picked it up. I hope you'll sit with "Hejira" for a while. This isn't the only Joni Mitchell album that takes a few listens, but I think it's the most rewarding. You're right that it strays from the sound of the earlier records, but I think it's a...
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    Desperate Housewives ongoing thread

    I agree she's terrific. As for that middle name, we can thank the Screen Actors Guild - at some point it was decided that she would have to use her middle name for SAG jobs. She doesn't use it for Equity jobs (on stage, she always has been and still goes by Harriet Harris)
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    Ok so I finally discovered Joni Mitchell

    Oooh, I envy you, getting to discover Joni Mitchell's music for the first time. You started with two albums that are widely considered among her best. What can I suggest next? Sure, "Ladies of the Canyon" and "For The Roses" are both terrific albums, from around the same time - the former...
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    Out of Home Theater -- Tea at Five

    I saw it in New York a while back. The playwright wrote it with Mulgrew in mind after seeing her on Star Trek. It was an inspired bit of casting because Mulgrew is eerily dead-on as Hepburn both old and younger: when I saw it, there was something like a stunned shock in the audience when she...
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    Jerry Orbach Passes Away at 69

    From Playbill.com
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    I don't think it's the episodic nature of the script that seals this movie's doom, although the script leaves a lot to be desired. The lack of coherence is mostly because the director has failed to capture the playfully macabre, teasing tone of the books. There's no such kick in the movie and...