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    Hannibal - Season 2

    I might be in the minority but I thought Will's character in Season 1 was much more interesting than Hannibals'
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    The Amazing Race Season 24 (2/23): Returning All-Stars

    I was thinking the same thing. Initially I said to myself "She has her own family to take care of. Mark can give part of his share to Bopper." But then I started to think "Mallory is only racing because of Bopper's injury. She should donate some of her winnings to Bopper if she wins."
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    Survivor Season 28

    That former cheerleader... hubba hubba And I don't believe for a minute that J'Tae is a nuclear engineer.
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    HBO True Detective

    Great episode tonight, as all of the previous ones have been. Only two more shows to go... as I watch I keep thinking about possible future pairings. I would love to see Hanks in a role like this. Or Pacino.
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    American Horror Story: Coven

    Past couple episodes have ventured into "True Blood" territory as far as strange and borderline campy.
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    Survivor - Blood vs. Water Season 27

    Tyson for me is the obvious pick to win unless Laura can somehow make the final three. Hayden will in no way be able to make it to the finals with the way the numbers are (don't think he'll beat Laura at Redemption Island). I really wish Monica had made a move at the last Council - if so, I...
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    Homeland Season 3

    Thank goodness Saylor is gone. What a horrible actress!
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    Survivor - Blood vs. Water Season 27

    If the group is smart they will vote out Tyson and then Gervais. It's funny that nobody is really considering Hayden a big threat. He's a previous reality show winner, and physically strong - I thought he would be one of the first to go.
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    Survivor - Blood vs. Water Season 27

    Ahh, yes. I got their names mixed up. Sorry about that.
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    Survivor - Blood vs. Water Season 27

    Catie is horrible in challenges, even quits in the middle of one (the food eating challenge), and then decides to vote out her mother. I gotta say, she's one of my least-liked players in this game. I do give her credit for finding out about the Idol, but other than that, she hasn't done anything...
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    The Amazing Race 23

    The doctors sure are hypocrites. They say they u-turned the Afghanis because they lied to them and thought they should play an "honorable game" and then in highlights for next weeks episode, they are trying to cheat off of the same Afghanis in a competition. Hope karma bites them in the tuckus.
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    Boardwalk Empire: Season Four

    Nucky has a new employee! :D
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    The Good Wife - Season 5

    I agree with this being the best season yet. I also think it might be the best show on network television. I'm not sure what the ratings are, but I surely hope it isn't in jeopardy of a termination. I hope it gets ER longevity :-)
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    Homeland Season 3

    Man, oh man, I'm no critic but Saylor might be my least favorite actor/actress of any show that I watch. It's difficult to watch her on screen in ANY scene because she looks so completely out of place. I actually get irritated watching her because nothing she says or does seem the least bit...
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    The Good Wife - Season 5

    Looks like my theory is correct, unless they pull a switch-a-roo