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    Cabin In The Sky

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    International THE JUNGLE BOOK (aka DAS DSCHUNGELBUCH in Germany) (1942)

    Unless I chose a wrong option, looks like the current sellers on Amazon DE are not shipping to the States.
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    Is there NO 4K player that doesn’t have freezing issues?!

    Other than being 4K enabled, what does my Oppo UDP 205 run as far as HDR? DV enabled? It may have locked up once on 4K but honestly have not sampled a lot of 4K. Have a few issues going back and forth from Region 1/Region 2.
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    Cabin In The Sky

    Is there any difference between the two releases on dvd for Cabin In The Sky? 2006 release against the MOD re-release? Is there a generalization about MOD's that one can state? Thanks Craig
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: The Red Shoes (1948) (4k UHD)

    Did not notice but see it now. I have a difficult time paying attention to details at times.....
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: The Red Shoes (1948) (4k UHD)

    Regretted missing this in Los Angeles a few years ago. Isn't the music culled from the many soundtracks of Bernard Herrmann?
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    A Star Is Born 1954 Reconstruction

    Is Ned Price still at WB Home Video? If not who would have taken over that position? Trying to find out if an End Credit card has completely disappeared from the reconstructed re-release of A Star Is Born. Thanks. Craig Holt
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    5.1 Playback in 2 Channel

    Thanks for this. I had always assumed such but curious. Craig
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    5.1 Playback in 2 Channel

    Currently I have an Oppo UDP 205 running through Rotel RA 1572. L - R speakers are B & W CM10 S2. TV is Sony 77" A9G OLED. My question: Do the 5.1 audio mixes (e.g. District 9) playing through my decidedly 2 channel set -up simply mix down automatically? Dialogue seems to be favored in the...
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ San Francisco – in Blu-ray

    Haven't seen this in a zillion years but I recall a low key yet masterful earthquake sequence. Slavko Vorkapich gets a credit up front for Montage (Sequence?)
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    General Discussion Best Final Line in a Movie

    "Positively the same dame"....The Lady Eve
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Marseille Trilogy -- in Blu-ray

    Just ordered The Bakers Wife. Hoping for the same treatment some day for CARNIVAL IN FLANDERS. Haven't seen it since the 70's but I recall the same slightly bawdy interplay described for Baker's Wife.
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Harvey Girls – in Blu-ray

    'The Harvey Girls' does look terrific. And I also noticed color shift/saturation shifting beginning around 12:25 until about the 25:00 mark. EQ on these discs seems pretty good. Wasn't sure if it was my 75" A9G OLED. But they were present on second viewing.
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    Blu-ray Review Love Me Tonight – Blu-ray Review

    Guess I’m not a fan of her particular operetta voice. For me she’s at her best not singing.
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    Blu-ray Review Love Me Tonight – Blu-ray Review

    I'll second almost everything this review asserts. Had the DVD for years and it wasn't all that awful. But the new Blu - Ray is a vast improvement. Especially the sound. The weakest link for me is Jeanette MacDonald. But the rest of the cast really sparkles in one of the great musicals. Hoping...