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    Wireless cable? You'll still need a cable or could even get away with a vcr, but anything to convert the current cable signal to Composite Video and Analog Audio. And you'll need a remote to work it all.
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    HDMI vs. Component Video w/optical Cables

    Bob's answer above still remains the same....
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    HDMI Passthrough...confused

    This model does not support video up converstion. you need to go to model TX-sr605... Look at the tx-sr605 manual page 24... it explains the video up converstion that you are looking for... it receiver converts everything to hdmi for the video out no matter what you throw at the input...
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    Basic vcr connection question

    Don't change anything... just add the Analog Red and White from the Audio out of the VCR to the VCR input on the HTR. Disregurad the Video unless you are using other Video product through the HTR and you want to keep the HTR on all the time and the Video Switching all through the HTR. Otherwise...
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    Odd Sound

    1. Are we talking Cable or Satellite? 2. Are you connections from the Cable or satellite box analog or digital? 3. Are you going directly from the Cable box or Satellite receiver to you yamaha? 4. Model numbers of yamaha and Sat/cable box? My first guess is you have cable... That's...
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    Connection issue.

    Is the Cable box your only Video source? There's no reason you can't stay with componet video for your HD. The 3805 does also convert all you incoming video signals to component so if you still have a composite device in you system you can get away with just one component video line from your...
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    minijack to toslink?

    The d-link server would transfer you mp3's over the network either wired or wireless. The Media Server has a Digital output. It would replace your cd player as you have already converted (ripped) your cd's to mp3. Really cool part is you can see all your songs, photos' and videos stored on you...
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    minijack to toslink?

    Since the Device you have your Mp3's are stored on outputs analog, changing it to digital via a analog to digital converter isn't going to help you at all. You are better off just staying with the analog connection as the device is outputs. You must have your mp3's stored on your computer...
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    New speakers require higher volume?

    85db sensitivity on your new speakers is very poor. I would try to return/exchange those for a speaker above 90db prefreably 92, you will notice a big difference.
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    Ceiling mount projector and pull down screen question.

    Yeah that sounds a little high for the labor end, but given the fact that you purchased the equipment yourself you are probably getting the full labor rate ( I'm at $90/manhour) since the A/V guys are not making any profit off the sale of the equipment. Hanging a screen requires 2 guys on the...
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    New speakers require higher volume?

    First what was the ohm rating of the original outdoor speakers? If they were 4 ohm and the new ones are 8ohm that's the first issue. Then you have to look at the speaker sensitivity. It would take 4 times as many watts to drive a speaker with a sensitivity of 86dB than it would one with...
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    Ceiling mount projector and pull down screen question.

    Are you planning on doing this installation yourself? If not I would just get a few quotes from local Audio/Video companies. (not big box retailers) Check you local yellow pages. or online yellowpages for businesses in you area. Most A/V installation companies will be happy to come out and...
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    TV separate from everything else

    Another solution to the IR Repeater is an RF Remote such as the Home Theater Master (made by universal remote). You would eliminate all you current remotes, learn the IR into the new remote. The Remote sends the IR via RF to a base station (MRF-350 also from universal remote). You still need...
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    Unwanted blue lights

    Are you getting the same results from all video sources? DVD,Cable/Satellite,VCR or any other Video source you have connected? Is all your video connected through an A/V receiver? (in other words are you using the same input on the projector and switching sources through your receiver) I...
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    Distributing Digital Cable

    Just buy a digital Modulator use the video and audio out from the digital cable box to the modulator and make that say Channel 120 (cable freq). Split the incoming cable with a 2 way splitter. Send the full signal to the new digital cable box. Install your low pass filter on the other side. Then...