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    Logitech bows out of the Harmony Universal Remote market

    I have bought Harmony Ones used over the past several years and have 4 of them. They are a great solution for must receiver/Bluray/tv hookups. I also have a new Elite that I have not even opened as I could not find the time to put it in service. I will continue to use them all. There is simply...
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    "The Alamo"s Status?

    You can also link your vudu account to Movies Anywhere and see it on Google Play and iTunes as well. Most of my digital movies automatically sync across multiple platforms except in a few cases where the studio does not allow it.
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    Weekly RoundUp 3-9-2021

    Would like to purchase ”The Babe” but have concerns about what they are calling ”retro VHS” packaging. Does anyone know what that is? Sometimes a normal blu ray case is just the best route to protect the disc rather than some gimmick.
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    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    What is the consensus on the set to get, “Most Wanted Edition” vs “Complete Series?” The latter is half the price with one less disc and no unaired pilot. Does the “Most Wanted Edition” have more to recommend it?
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    CRITERION FLASH SALE Starting FEBRUARY 23, 2021 Noon ET for 24 HRS

    I got Rolling Thunder Review, Detour and Now Voyager. $59.97 less Criterion Channel $10 certificate made it $49.97 with free shipping. I'm satisfied.
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    PHE Press Release: Lady Sings The Blues (Blu-ray)

    I couldn’t pass up that price either and it would be good to see it again. Last time I saw it was when it was originally released.
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    I'm So Excited ... movie musical lovers, check this out!

    Awesome! It seems like it should have Astaire dancing on the ceiling and a couple of other scenes from Holiday Inn. Still, excellent and uplifting.
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    Any Guesses on 2021 4K, Blue Ray, DVD releases?

    A fascinating article, but it did not talk of the Coppola connection and Coppola’s insistence to limit presentations in the U.S. to those with the Carmine Coppola score. Hopefully things have changed and with Mr. Harris’ involvement will not limit the extent of the restoration to be presented in...
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    Any Guesses on 2021 4K, Blue Ray, DVD releases?

    Really hope you are right about Napoleon — but the one Francis Ford Coppola wants to limit us to, or the complete multi-hour spectacle they have in other countries?
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    Wanted: GUNSMOKE (CBS/1955-1975)

    It’s 180 today.
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    Concert Blu-rays (rock and pop) you recommend

    No one has mentioned Fleetwood Mac, “The Dance” which is truly excellent and unfortunately DVD only. I really hope for a Blu Ray release of that and The Eagles Hell Freezes Over, which is also DVD only.
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    International Roadshow Sweet Charity from Indicator

    I may have missed this, but can anyone tell me if it will be region free?
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    Does anyone know if the 3 movie Jaws Collection (Jaws II, Jaws III and Jaws IV) that was recently released on 9/29/20 contained the 3D version of Jaws III? I have read conflicting reports on the internet and would like to hear from someone who actually purchased it, thanks.
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    Weekly RoundUp 9-29-2020

    Does anyone know if the jaws set includes the 3D version of Jaws 3?
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    Modify Oppo UDP 203 For Region B/2

    I own an Oppo UDP-205 and have toyed with doing this for years. There have been 2 major companies selling the modification, which can be internal or external with no soldering needed. I had the websites for both: jvbdigital.nl and bluraychip.dk. After reading this thread I thought I might...