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    HD Video Switching - Inexpensive Solution

    Thats exactly what I'm saying, Miles. Actually, my Samsung doesn't do 720p but most of what I've been watching is true 1080i anyway.
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    HD Video Switching - Inexpensive Solution

    After a few days of testing I'm pretty sure that I'm going to take it back. I'm just not impressed with the signal it's passing. I understand that HDTV is still in it's infancy in the US and that not everything will look perfect (especially the crap HBO pulled with Attack of the Clones). I will...
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    HD Video Switching - Inexpensive Solution

    The phone number listed in the manual is: 1-800-331-3844. The website is pelicanacc.com although it is down for what looks like a redisigning.
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    HD Video Switching - Inexpensive Solution

    It does not state anywhere in the manual the component bandwidth, but the front of the box specifically says "featuring HIGH DEFINITION component video". It kind of bugged me too but the guys at Best Buy told me that if it didn't do true 1080i that I should bring it back (before 30 days) under...
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    HD Video Switching - Inexpensive Solution

    Last night (11/04) I found the Pelican PL-960 switcher that Cali metioned. I recently added TWC HD service to my system and had one to many component sources for my TV (the other two being the Panasonic S35 and an XBOX). Had a hard time finding the PL-960 as it was not located in the video game...
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    Just Bought a Samsung TXM3096WHF

    I also just got a floor model of this set on Friday (April 4) at Best Buy for $719.99. In my opinion it look very good. Did my best to calibrate with Avia, although I think the red push may be a bit high. Dave, you said you were able to fix red push and disable VSM through the service menu. I...
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    Madden 2003 or NFL 2k3? Any reviews?

    So is 2k3 for XBOX anamorphically encoded or not? I only have a 27 inch Toshiba but it does the squeeze trick and makes DOA3 and Test Drive look much better when they are squeezed. When I set the BOX to "widescreen" the only thing that looks stretched are the players. Menu text and score and...
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    Digital Cable TV Pay-Per-View Question

    I've had Time Warner Digital Cable for just over a month now, but have yet to buy and Pay-Per-View movies because I don't know which (if any) are in Widescreen/DD. The channel descriptions (CH. 201-233) don't say they are but it is hard to believe they are all P&S/Stereo. Could anyone who knows...
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    Digital Cable TV Problem

    I had Time Warner Digital Cable installed on Friday. The box they gave me was the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 and hooked it up using S-Video to my TV and digital coax and analog L/R to my receiver. Included with my install package was a month of free regular digital channels (MTV2...
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    Phantom Menace is OUT (part 2)

    If anyone has found any in northwest Ohio please tell me where at [email protected] Thanks in advance.