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    Drive - quick review

    Great film. My favorite film so far this year. I loved the cinematography. Long camera takes and slow camera tracking shots are so refreshing. This is the anti Michael Bay film. As Robert mentioned, the Michael Mann influence is definitely there. But I was reminded of more recent Mann films. The...
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    2010 at the Box Office

    Can anybody provide me with a link to a website that makes available the total number of admissions for movies in addition to boxoffice numbers? I have looked at boxofficemojo but have not seen a link for total number of admissions to movies. Thanks guys
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    2009 at the Box Office

    I would respectfully disagree as to final haul if this third Friday's estimated gross of 25 million is any indication. Avatar will challenge the Dark Knight at 533 million and Titanic at 600 million before it completes its run. Just in my humble opinion.
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    2009 at the Box Office

    ASTOUNDING numbers being reported today. I did a double take when I first saw them. According to sources, it is estimated that Avatar grossed 25 million this past Friday January 1. This is just a one day gross. Granted, yesterday was a holiday. But holiday or no holiday, this is...
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    2009 at the Box Office

    It is crazy indeed Patrick. The last time I saw something like that was during 1997-1998 with Titanic. I now believe Avatar will surpass The Dark Knight if not Titanic also. Monday's incredible numbers make this a definite possibility. Speaking about the Dark Knight, that movie had a steep...
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    Terminator Salvation (2009)

    Guys: I have a question about a possible flaw I saw in the movie. It concerns the opening credits of the movie. In writing, the movie indicated that Skynet became "self aware" in the early 21st century. But this is clearly wrong right? According to Terminator 2, Skynet became "self...
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    *** Official THE WRESTLER Discussion Thread

    I just saw this movie about 3 days ago. Fantastic film. Tremendous performance by Mickey Rourke. Also the Academy should create a special award for Marisa Tomei for best body by a 44 year old. What percentage of all 44 year old women out there have a body that looks like that??? Like Darth...
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    *** Official THE WRESTLER Review Thread

    I saw this film over the weekend. Like Chuck said earlier, I have allowed it to "percolate". Great performances all around. Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood (whom I had never heard of prior to this movie but gives an outstanding performance as the daughter), and of course Mickey Rourke. I was not...
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    Ricardo Montalban has passed away!

    Khan was the best Star Trek villain ever. Either tv show or film. He will be missed. His work will live forever. His work in the Space Seed episode and Wrath of Khan is just mesmerizing. Check out his interview concerning Khan in Star Trek 2 dvd special edition. It is fantastic. Carlos
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    Scarface on Blu-Ray?

    Kris: I have heard of differences in the soundtrack between the original movie and new releases but I can't quite pinpoint what they are. Does one of these differences occur during the opening credits? The scarface theme music heard as the mariel boatlift occurs is slightly different with...
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    Scarface on Blu-Ray?

    I love this movie. Just saw a special 25th anniversary screening of the movie in Miami. Has anybody heard anything about when this will be coming to Blu-Ray?
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    Mike. You are killing me!! I do have to say Rachel does look mighty fine in that black dress. Would you care to provide an opinion as to how Alizee looks in comparison with her black attire at the video link below? YouTube - alizee
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    This is one of the best threads in the history of the Home Theatre Forum You guys have introduced me to Alizee. I had never heard of her. There are a lot of beautiful women in this thread such as Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Connelly but no one, I mean NO ONE can hold a candle to this Alizee...
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    Dark Knight: To IMAX or not?

    I have now seen this movie twice. First in a conventional movie theater and then in an Imax theater. Imax is the way to go. See it as the director intended it to be seen. It is a dramatic difference. The scenes that were filmed with Imax cameras are incredible. Scenes such as the Bank robbery...