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Your Guilty Pleasures in film

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#21 of 121 OFFLINE   Matthew Chmiel

Matthew Chmiel


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Posted June 30 2002 - 12:51 PM

[quote] (but I sort think I would enjoy a film called "Get It On" as well...) [quote]
We would ALL enjoy a film called Get It On if you know what I mean. Posted Image


#22 of 121 OFFLINE   Steve_Tk



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Posted June 30 2002 - 02:35 PM

Waterworld I love this movie for some reason Starship Troopers same as before The Postman Another hated film that I really like Pitch Black I liked it when Vin Deasil was not a big actor, makes it better knowing that. Enjoy it even more now. Fifth element Guilty pleasures to me are movies that you don't say are your favorite, and are generally hated by most people. But you love watching them by yourself and enjoying. You also may get some weird looks from people who see these in your collection or from the people at the register.

#23 of 121 OFFLINE   Stefan A

Stefan A

    Second Unit

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Posted June 30 2002 - 03:51 PM

Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother This never fails to make me laugh. As silly as it gets at times. When it comes out on DVD, I will be the first in line (but I am not holding my breath - even the vhs is OOP)

Frisco Kid I think Gene Wilder does this part so well. It's hillarious. And, like above, I won't be kolding my breath for the dvd.

Schlock Hey!! and it is actually on DVD.

To be or not to Be I like almost every Mel Brooks film, but this is one that I just don't get tired of. As much as I love Blazing Saddles, I just don't laugh at like I used to (did I just say that? Posted Image ) Anyway, this is another dvd wish for me. Mel Brooks' Hitler is just great.

#24 of 121 OFFLINE   Bruce Hedtke

Bruce Hedtke


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  • Join Date: Jul 11 1999

Posted June 30 2002 - 04:05 PM

Tank Girl-What can I say? I just love a post-apocalyptic film that features a smart-mouthed punk girl who befreinds a mutant kangaroo person and fights mega-corporations. For whatever reason, the one-liners are sharp and used to good comedic results. Don Juan: Or if Don Juan Was a Woman-Though it drifts off into nonsense at times, it is kooky and stylish enough to keep things interesting. Oh, and hot french women nude is always worth watching. The Fan-DeNiro is just riveting and there are some inspired uses of Rolling Stones songs. Bedazzled-Call me crazy, but it is one of the funniest movies I've seen. Perhaps it hit the perfect notes with me, but watching Brendon Fraser with red hair and being the "sensitive" male was rolling-on-the-floor funny to me. Bruce
The Mads are calling

#25 of 121 OFFLINE   Jesse Skeen

Jesse Skeen


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Posted June 30 2002 - 04:05 PM

Well, there WAS a movie called "Getting It On" from 1983 that's a definite guilty pleasure- it's a low-budget comedy about a high school kid who buys a bunch of video surveillance equipment so he can tape naked girls. Lots of vintage video equipment, a band that "plays shit" and he goes on a date to see "Revenge of the Jedi"!
Home video oddities, old commercials and other junk: http://www.youtube.com/user/eyeh8nbc

#26 of 121 OFFLINE   Kami



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Posted June 30 2002 - 04:37 PM

I think half my collection could be considered guilty pleasures.

#27 of 121 OFFLINE   Daniel Mai

Daniel Mai

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted June 30 2002 - 05:18 PM

Showgirls!Posted Image

#28 of 121 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

    Executive Producer

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Posted June 30 2002 - 05:21 PM

If it makes it to DVD: The Day After.

#29 of 121 OFFLINE   Andy Olivera

Andy Olivera


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  • Join Date: Jul 25 2000

Posted June 30 2002 - 05:49 PM

I said I might have a few more and here they are...

Robocop 2 - Any action film that can outdo Verhoeven in terms of violence is one hell of an acheivement. Too bad they had to abandon the characters in order to do it. BTW, anyone notice how the sequel is more violent, and decidedly mean-spirited, yet got an R rating while the original, with its comic book/superhero attitude, was slapped with an X?

Starship Troopers - Speaking of Verhoeven...

Now then, who dared bring Falling Down into a "guilty pleasures" thread?Posted Image This would definately fall into Walter's "misunderstood" category and it's probably the only time we'll ever see the name Joel Schumacher attached to a great film...
"It is not, and never should be, the policy of the law to require the protection of the foolhardy or reckless few and therefore to deprive, or interfere with, the enjoyment by the remainder of society of the liberties and amenities to which they are rightly entitled." -unknown

#30 of 121 OFFLINE   PhilipG



  • 2,003 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 13 2000

Posted June 30 2002 - 09:02 PM

My guilty pleasures? Oh, so many!!! Here goes...

Barb Wire - hilarious sci-fi spoof of Casablanca.

Masters of the Universe - hokey rubbish made much better courtesy of Frank Langella's Skeletor and Meg Foster's Evil-Lyn.

Supernova - I am one of the handful of people who like this movie; can't really explain why.

Battlefield Earth - I am one of the two people who like this movie (the other is the director!). Apart from the headache-inducing camera angles, it's good pulp sci-fi trash, and Travolta/Whitaker make a great double-act.

Striptease - possible the only Demi Moore film I like. This film is hilarious. Best of all is the villain, who has the "why the heck did I ever sign up for this film - my agent is fired" look all the way through.

Mortal Kombat - killer soundtrack, and tongue firmly placed in cheek. Flawless Victory!

Sheena - The A-Team meets Tanya Roberts.

Poison Ivy 3: The New Seduction - the Poison Ivy trilogy, which began quite arty and was reasonably well scripted, soon descended into gratuitous farce, and part 3 is the (unintentionally) funniest of the lot.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - I grew up with this film; my sister watched it regularly and I sometimes had no choice but to watch too. Now I've become "institutionalised" into liking it, and I bought the Anchor Bay DVD. A bad film, but strangely compelling. Worth watching for the young Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Dirty Dancing - goes well with GJWTHF. A naff chick-flick, but if you just ignore the lousy dialogue and instead listen to the great soundtrack, it's the perfect film for doing the ironing.

Dude - Where's My Car? Surprisingly funny modern-day teen comedy. Switch brains to off-position and enjoy.

The Slipper and the Rose - another chick-flick, a musical, Cinderella, but utterly charming too. Great songs by the Sherman brothers, and a grade-A cast of supporting actors (inc. the incomparable Michael Hordern and Edith Evans).

Embrace of the Vampire - Old Mathematical inequality: Alyssa Milano naked > feeble plot + bad script + worse acting

Showgirls - for those of us who watched the early seasons of Saved By The Bell, essential viewing. Hilariously awful in every regard.

P.S. Lynch's Dune cannot be classified as a Guilty Pleasure. It is a love it / hate it movie, and its fanbase is growing (esp. after the recent, awful miniseries). Personally, I love the '84 film to pieces.

Also, Bring It On surely can't be a Guilty Pleasure. It's a good film dressed up as a bad one. I showed this to my family, and after five minutes came the comment "You only like this because of all the girls in skimpy costumes" - to which I replied "well, there is that, but it's a great movie too you know, just stay with it". By the end, everyone agreed that it was a good movie too. Posted Image

#31 of 121 OFFLINE   Roberto Carlo

Roberto Carlo

    Second Unit

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Posted July 01 2002 - 12:24 AM

[quote] I think Roberto meant to type "Bring It On" (but I sort of think I would enjoy a film called "Get It On" as well...) [quote]

You're right, Patrick. Thanks. Your correction gives me the chance to add to my list:

Asteroid Awful, but an awful I will watch every time it's on the Sci-Fi Channel. Partly because I'm in love with Annabella Sciora, but also because of the absurdity of it all.

Space Truckers Two words: square pigs.

Bicentennial Man Embeth Davidtz and a corny, but touching, story.

Finding Forrester More in the misunderstood and under appreciated category.
What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? Son of Man. You cannot say, or guess, for you know only a heap of broken images . . .

T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland

#32 of 121 OFFLINE   John Spencer

John Spencer

    Supporting Actor

  • 859 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 02 2000

Posted July 01 2002 - 03:39 AM

Deep Rising - What Call of Cthulu fan cannot like the utter campiness and true-to-the-RPG flavor of this movie? Best SFX ever in a low-grade B-movie. My love of this movie is the whole reason I will never be taken seriously on this forum. Posted Image

George of the Jungle - Hilarious usage of breaking the fourth wall. And Ursula is just HOT!

Wild Things - I admit it. I just like Denise's boobs.

The Chase - Henry Rollins' over-the-top performance as a gung-ho cop just puts this over into the good category. And it also contains one of the goofiest love scenes ever in a movie. And one of the best post-ending-credits sequences.

Never heard of this. I'm a honky.

#33 of 121 OFFLINE   Derek Miner

Derek Miner


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Posted July 01 2002 - 04:32 AM

Beatlemania: The Movie (Not on DVD. Thankfully?) - Some have said this is the most unnecessary film of all time. Four guys who kinda sorta look like the Beatles perform Beatles songs for 90 minutes, while paying lip service to "history" with some old news footage and interpretive film vignettes. But do I own it on laserdisc? Yep.

Earth Girls Are Easy - Oh so overblown and corny, but oh so fun. Geena Davis in a bikini and "West Coast" Julie Brown as a blond ("I don't have to work, I just have to jiggle") add eye candy.

Josie and the Pussycats - A handful of people actually thought this movie was a good satire. My roommate just looked at me kinda funny and turned it off after 20 minutes. But I loved the songs (some co-penned by "That Thing You Do" tunesmith Adam Schlesinger). Yes, I bought the CD - used!

Mallrats - Don't any of you try to tell me this is a great movie. I don't think Kevin Smith will even blame me for saying it's bad. At best, it's strictly mediocre, with some HORRIBLE line readings. But since I love Smith's films, and there are a handfull of really funny bits, and it fits in so well with the other movies, I really dig it.

1941 - Some say Spielberg's worst. Oddly compelling to me, even in its extended version.

Psycho Beach Party - I don't know if anyone really knows this exists, much less thinks it's a bad movie. However, Lauren Ambrose ("Six Feet Under") recently listed this as her "Closest Brush With Career Immolation" in Entertainment Weekly. Also features Nicholas Brendon of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Thomas Gibson of "Dharma and Greg" and Amy Adams of "Cruel Intentions 2" Posted Image Goofy spoof fun, slightly on the sloppy side of filmmaking, but clever enough. Bonus points if you know who Jenica Bergere is.

UHF - I guess it was a bad movie, after all. But at least now we know it and Al knows it, and we can all enjoy it together for that.
= Derek Miner =
Co-founder, Sunscreen Film Festival

#34 of 121 OFFLINE   Reni D

Reni D

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted July 01 2002 - 04:47 AM

Bachelor Party - Tom Hanks first movie
Howard The Duck -Spielberg forgotten Movie....lol
Just one of the guys - Can't explain it I like the girl in the movie.

Any time there on TV I spot and watch themPosted Image

#35 of 121 OFFLINE   Charles J P

Charles J P


  • 2,028 posts
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  • Real Name:CJ Paul
  • LocationOmaha, NE

Posted July 01 2002 - 05:25 AM

The Postman. After seeing this movie 20+ times, the last 30 minutes still literally give me goosebumps. I guess I'm a sucker for this kind of theme period :b

#36 of 121 OFFLINE   Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips

    Second Unit

  • 279 posts
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Posted July 01 2002 - 05:34 AM

So many people like UHF it's hard to feel guilty about liking it. Now The Black Hole on the other hand has such poor acting and cliched dialog that it makes me laugh (which can be a positive), but I love the music and the production design. Just about any movie can be a guilty pleasure though, when you hang around people who don't care for it's genre or style, and you feel you have to defend why you like the film. 2001, Strictly Ballroom, and Mary Poppins can all fall in that category. I suppose a true guilty pleasure is one you have to defend to yourself, huh? I suppose Joe vs. the Volcano is another one, espcially since I'm not totally sure why I like it: "I'm not arguing that with you...I'm not arguing that with you...I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?...I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?...I'm not arguing that with you....I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?" - is this really funny? Why do I laugh?
"Safe? Who knows what's safe? I know a man who dropped dead from lookin' at his wife. My own grandmother fought the indians for sixty years, then choked to death on lemon pie."

#37 of 121 OFFLINE   Tim RH

Tim RH

    Second Unit

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Posted July 01 2002 - 06:45 AM

[quote] I suppose Joe vs. the Volcano is another one [quote]
Good choice (though you shouldn't feel gulity about it...it's a good movie!) Posted Image

#38 of 121 OFFLINE   Quentin



  • 2,536 posts
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  • Real Name:Quentin H
  • LocationLos Angeles

Posted July 01 2002 - 06:56 AM

Bring it On rules. Dune rules. Pitch Black rules. Starship Troopers rules. Fifth Element rocks. Assault on Precinct 13 rocks. Showgirls and Hudson Hawk are hilariously goofy and eminently quotable!

And some new ones...

The Stoned Age cracks me up every time.
Ice Pirates is an old, goofy favorite.
Free Enterprise rules!
and last, but not least, the inimitable Andy Sidaris and Do or Die!!!Posted Image

#39 of 121 OFFLINE   Tom Rhea

Tom Rhea

    Second Unit

  • 292 posts
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Posted July 01 2002 - 08:11 AM

Texasville I feel extremely guilty for liking this movie. It's a sequel to Last Picture Show, one of the greatest movies ever made and compared to LPS it's one of the worst movies ever made. I still love it -- Annie Potts makes me laugh out loud every time I see it, which is no easy trick for a movie I must have seen at least 15 times. It just makes me feel like I'm being "unfaithful" to LPS when I watch it.
Tom Rhea

#40 of 121 OFFLINE   peter a

peter a

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted July 01 2002 - 08:26 AM

biodome- any movie that has pauly shore and stephen baldwin should be nominated best picture. favorite scene: "but...i got a wicked itch on my nads." (baldwin to shore as they are told not to move) cable guy- ok... jim is just too much in this movie. favorite scene: the old guy in the upper left corner when chip douglas (jim carrey) busts in on stephen (matthew broderick) while stephen is making out with the hooker that chip has brought over to the party. just check out the old guy... its great. i can watch that scene over and over and over and over. then i throw in biodome, and then straight back to cable guy- peter

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