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Friday The 13th...the saga for unrated versions continues

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Chuck L


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Posted May 08 2001 - 05:03 AM

Since it seems that things have re-grouped here…here we go again!

In hopes that maybe one-day Paramount will give into our cries, I guess that we continue our quest.
It was stated that Martin was interested in knowing what we wanted to see as according to proper, it would have been truly nice to be able to hear that from him directly. What we the fans would like to see, and pardon me for sounding like I am speaking for 'everyone,' is proper respect be given to these films.

The issue of Political Climate is one that seems to also come up in regard to horror features. While I respect that 'decision,' I don't believe that it is the true one. Paramount, while saying that the violence and gore is a concern of there and the reason why unrated versions will not be released, why hold on the films. For the very reason of their nature, would these films not be a blemish upon your reputation? Release the films to a studio that is willing to put up the work and the risk of releasing the films in the state that the fans want. A horror film to begin with is to be violent in nature, and though the films were edited to appeal to the mainstream audience, it seems that was has been forgotten is the people that made the movies the money that they brought Paramount.

With seamless branching, you would be able to appeal to both sections of the movie going public. Those that like their movies censored and those of us that don't. Having seen the footage from The New Blood that was taken out due to its use of gore, it would be a fan favorite and ultimately would sell a lot of copies of the DVD if it were to be released with the gore re-instated into the film. After all, isn't that really what the movie companies are after to begin with is money?

Anchor Bay, I am sure, would be more than glad to accept the rights to the films if you all were to offer them to them, even if only on a limited basis. An agreement could be made between Paramount and Anchor Bay; say for a year to produce the DVD's in their unrated format. After that agreement has ended, Paramount could then regain the titles to keep and do with as they wish. But think of the fans of this series and other horror films.

Paramount has said that they have a policy in regards to releasing unrated version, one that says that they don't. That did not stop you from releasing some films unrated before, in fact another horror title, that being Hellraiser III. Why should the Friday films be excluded from this?

I know that it could be easily said of Paramount that the demand would not be enough to justify going the extra mile on these titles. Hate to inform you, not all of us are interested in Forrest Gump either. Now while I know that Gump is a mainstream title and will make you the money that you long for, horror fans are tired of feeling like the bastard child due to films that we prefer and give you the money to bank to make films like Gump.

For, at least part seven, should it be considered to become an unrated release, I would like to see the following features:

*Widescreen (of course)
*Unrated (this goes without saying, or at least give people the choice between the two)
*Commentary with the director and Kane Hodder, maybe some of the cast (doesn't seem that most of them are too busy these days)
*May a shot by shot comparison of the rated and unrated version

Basically Paramount, if are not willing to grant the desires of the horror public, please release your control to a company that will do right by this titles, even if it is only for a short period of time.

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Will K


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Posted May 08 2001 - 12:30 PM

If nothing else, then why not let a company like Anchor Bay foot the bill for the money it will cost to restore Friday The 13th Part VII. [They are easily going to recoup this is sales. Besides, if Anchor Bay spent all that money restoring Supergirl, they can do this.] Then if Paramount doesn't wish to completely sell the rights away, perhaps they can license Part VII or other Friday The 13th titles for a limited time, say a year. This way, everyone's happy. Paramount can still make some money without a "troublesome" unrated DVD, Anchor Bay can salivate at the sales figures, and the fans will be very, very happy. Come on, let's find a way to work this out!

[While we're on the subject, let's add My Bloody Valentine to the list.]

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Posted May 09 2001 - 04:45 AM

I'm glad to see this thread off to a cordial start. I don't think it helps the cause to berate and belittle Paramont for not releasing the movies unrated. I'm all for seeing these movies in their unrated form because I have never had the pleasure before now. Hopefully, Paramont can make some arrangment so that everyone is happy.

How about leaving the current rated version in print so that video stores can rent these and producing a special limited edition box set for collectors?



Adrian Jones

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Posted May 09 2001 - 11:58 AM

MGM will release an uncut version of The Last House On The Left next year. MGM as you know is a major company and gets similar attention as Paramount therefore an uncut version of a movie from either company would recieve similar attention from the public. With the support of the director of F13 part 7 we thought there was hope for an uncut version. Our hopes were shot down. If MGM can release that sick movie TLHOTL uncut then why can't Paramount release F13 7 uncut? If Paramount doesn't like the idea of doing this popular series justice why don't you just sell the rights to Anchor Bay?

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Will K


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Posted May 09 2001 - 01:46 PM

While I do agree that it doesn't help anything by berating Paramount, I do find it hard to choose words to convey our feelings on the matter. I do think civil and polite discussion is the way to go, but fan frustration in this matter sometimes makes it difficult to govern our passions.

The fact is, our desires as consumers regarding uncut versions of these films have been brought to their attention. They are aware of it and they know the uncut versions will sell. Frankly, I don't expect any feedback on F13 because they simply don't seem to be interested. Even if they do, it will probably not be the answer we'll want to hear. At least not for the time being.

This is not to say I suggest that fans give up. Far from it in fact. As much as I enjoy many of Paramount's fine films and DVD releases, I respectfully declare that fans like myself are simply not going to give up on this...the prospects of uncut classic horror films is just too exciting. If Paramount would engage us in an intelligent and professional dialogue, perhaps something concrete could be accomplished.
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Posted May 10 2001 - 05:41 AM

I agree 100+% with the above posts.

It's hard though to keep calm and polite,when we have been asking for over a year or so,and still keep getting excuses about the political climate,not enough interest ect.

I'm not going to give up,and i' know everyone else won't as well. As i've always stated before include both versions on the dvd-it's simple and with dual laser tech-it will work.

There is nothing wrong or remotely "troublesome" about releasing unrated dvds. If anything-it's the studios,media & Blockcen$or fault for making such a big deal out of of NC-17/Unrated movies and not release them. When the truth is they are just movies,it's just a rating-so why refuse there releases in the version they were intended to be seen and why does the NC-17 rating exist if you never use it? Now that is really offensive and great movies would never have to be censored and chopped to pieces if you would just use that rating or release it unrated.

If the media,theaters ect didn't have that pointless policy-NC-17/unrated movies could be advertised and released just lke any other movie and the movies would do better at the boxoffice as well.

So why not change that stupid policy and do it?

....and know matter wwhat.We are not gona give up and keep requesting the Friday series uncut. You know we want them and the smart move to make would either

A-release them uncut yourselves + include both versions

B-give the rights,even if for a limited time to AnchorBay who will do as everyone above already mentioned + they will sell. $$$$$ Posted Image

So please Paramount,reply and tell us the truth!

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Anthony Thorne

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Posted May 11 2001 - 12:53 AM

I think 'Paramount' (specifically, Martin Blythe) has been pretty upfront with the situation regarding the F13th films. Blaming the messenger probably isn't going to change the situation in a hurry. Still, if this thread remains polite then fans here will have the benefit of keeping their opinions on the record for when circumstances potentially change.

Perhaps when New Line feel up to releasing their newest F13/Jason flick in theatres a series of tie-in Paramount discs will hold more appeal? Just ruminating...

One bright idea - could fans have better luck pursuading Paramount to test the waters of uncut/expanded FRIDAY releases by requesting that they bring them out on VHS first? These would be cheaper for Paramount to prepare than bringing them out on DVD straight off the bat. Fans could pick up the tapes to show their interest for future DVD's with commentary tracks, and Paramount could offset costs by selling these products twice.

For what it's worth, an equal number of Eurocult fans would like to see Paramount release BLOOD AND ROSES, FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET and DANGER DIABOLIK. I have my eye on these for when mastering costs are cheap enough (and the market is big enough) for Paramount to dip into their catalogue with the same abandon that they did in the dying days of laserdisc - perhaps in a couple of years. No sarcasm is intended - I think being patient on this front will pay off someday, and in the shorter term I can enjoy the great discs that Paramount (and other studios) are bringing us right now.

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Gavin K

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Posted May 11 2001 - 01:03 AM

I will remain civil in my frustration, even though I don't think Paramount is being very honest. Martin has politely responded to previous Friday13 threads, but his replies sound like Paramount is hiding behind "political correctness."

I merely want an honest response from Paramount, not a bunch of PR. If they have some kind of relationship with Blockbuster, who doesn't stock unrated discs, then let us know. Sure, you might get a few attack type responses, but overall, I think those of us who want the discs will help you try and find a solution. Such as releasing rated discs for the blockbuster crowd, and allowing Anchor Bay to release a limited edition of an unrated SE, a la Universal and Army of Darkness. If you truly are afraid of the political climate, well Jack Valenti has already stood up to congress by threatening to abolish all ratings if Senator Lieberman's crusade is successful. Then what would you do? All movies would be unrated. The current climate seems to be against marketing these types of films to children. So don't do that. Market them through sci-fi/horror magazines and websites, or after 9:00 on TV. If there are other reasons, let us know. There are plenty of solutions available.

The fact that we enjoy horror movies doesn't make us any less intelligent than those who prefer Forrest Gump. Leave the vagueries and doublespeak for the politicians and please explain what the holdup is.

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"Wow, what a dramatic airport!"

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Posted May 11 2001 - 02:00 AM

Are we pushing too hard?
Are we not pushing enough?
How can Paramount not realize how in demand these discs are when every DVD forum has a thread begging for them every other day. Yet still the fans get no respect.

Now I'll admit, if these happen, it won't be for years, not until after all 8 of the Paramount Fridays are out. THEN maybe they can be revisited. I mean, come on Paramount, that just means more cash for you!

Give us hope!

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They mostly come at night. Mostly... - Newt
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Posted May 11 2001 - 06:21 AM


60+ posts on the last board + over 150+ veiws
1300+ votes at horrordvds.com + 69% (and growing) will only purchase if released uncut

20,000 and still going hits at the campaign site- and they at least sent one email/letter to Paramount each.

Yet you say there is know demand?????

Please give us an honest answer,thats all we ask,and maybe you can make the right move and give the fans what they want(or not?)??

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Posted May 12 2001 - 08:24 AM

First, I understand that certain people have responded to an earlier post on this subject in an inappropriate and unconstructive manner. I hope that Mr. Blythe does not judge the Friday the 13th fans based on this small number of misguided individuals. I have been a member of the Fridaythe13thfilms.com message board community for many years, and I can safely say that most of the folks there do not stoop to such kinds of verbal attacks. I think that message board community is a good representation of Friday fans, so I'll go out on a limb and say that the people who verbally attacked Mr. Blythe and Paramount in an inappropriate manner are of a small minority.

Now on with the true topic of discussion...

I too wish that we could get some "straight" answers about Paramount's unwillingness to release a Director's Cut of Friday the 13th Part VII.

Mr. Blythe has stated that the social climate and society's concerns about violence would make such a release very difficult for major movie industry player like Paramount. I understand this reasoning. However, as of late I find this rather hard to believe. Here's why...

Just the other night I was watching television and a commercial for Mission: Impossible 2 SE VHS came on. I have seen this movie, and it is loaded with gun violence. Even the commercial depicted Mr. Hunt with a gun in hand. Isn't GUN violence the issue that society is concerned with as of late? Mission: Impossible 2 depicts realistic gun violence, and Paramount does not have a problem with promoting this movie during primetime television. Meanwhile, a film like Friday the 13th Part VII, which contains scenes such a woman being killed with a party horn by an undead walking corpse, is taboo because of its "violent content". I just don't understand this line of thinking. I've yet to turn on the news and see that somone was killed by a zombie who was wielding a party horn, yet I see people being killed with guns on the news almost everyday.

John Carl Buechler's vision of Friday the 13th Part VII is considerably different than what we've been given in the theater and on VHS. Among horror magazines and websites, it has been a routine topic of discussion about when (if ever) will we get to see this film as it was meant to be seen. I wish Paramount would at least consider releasing a Director's Cut of this film or consider selling the rights for a Director's Cut to a company who would be willing to distribute it. The film as it has been released in the past suffers from horrible editing and seems as if it were made for television in certain parts. The flow of the film is severely disrupted by many of the edits, and I feel this is a major disservice to the time and effort Mr. Buechler put into this film. All that I've read about the original cut makes it sound like it's a great thrill ride and an FX extravaganza. Unfortunately, all we're left with after the edits is a choppy glimpse of what could have been.

To anyone who took the time to read or respond to this, thanks. I really hope someone out there will release this film in its original state.

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Wes Ray

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Posted May 13 2001 - 08:37 AM

I own all 7 Nightmare on Elm Street films on VHS and I paid over $100 bucks for New Line's excellent Nightmare on Elm Street DVD set. I own all 8 Friday the 13th films on VHS and would gladly do the same if Paramount gave them similar respect and treatment as New Line gave Elm Street.

I realize that Friday the 13th did not basically build Paramount from scratch as Elm Street for New Line, so I guess it is possible that Paramount doesn't feel that these films are important. However, these films were important enough that Paramount allowed 8 films to be made. It's still the longest-running horror film series (not even counting New Line's Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X.)

I would buy a set of uncut/unrated special editions of all 8 of Paramount's Friday the 13th films gladly and I know several of my friends would do the same. Not to mention all the people I talk to online.

So I really hope Paramount considers our pleas for unrated/uncut versions of the Friday the 13th films to be released on DVD. I haven't bought the first four DVDs and probably won't unless they lower the price or re-issue them with some extra features. If the Elm Street set hadn't been so packed with stuff, I probably would've been hesitant about purchasing it. However, I spent 6 hours with the Elm Street Encyclopedia DVD alone and I haven't even gotten through everything yet.

Give us something like that Paramount. Give us a set that we can brag to our friends about. I've caused countless friends of mine to go out and buy the Elm Street set, who otherwise wouldn't have. If you release a Friday the 13th set equal to or better than Elm Street, you'd better believe I'll get my word of mouth working in your favor to sell as many copies for you as possible. If anybody from Paramount is reading this, thanks for listening.

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Ricky f

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Posted May 22 2001 - 06:52 AM

I agree wes. I have also purchased the nightmare on elm street box set DVD and would gladly do the same with the great Friday the 13th series.

Please paramount release these movies in an uncut DVD box set or release certain ones Uncut. You know how many people want these DVD'S, surely you have seen all the past posts and polls and E-mails. You do a great job in most of your DVD'S and these little gems need an uncut treatment, so please release them.

Come on people let's get a friendly thread going and one again prove how many people out there want these movies released uncut on DVD.

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Posted May 22 2001 - 01:22 PM

I love the Friday the 13th films. They all hold high nostalgic value for me, and are movies I revisit often in my library of 1000+ films. Sure these films may not be Oscar worthy, but they have something no other film series can attest to, and that is that they are the longest running, and most consistent representation of the entire 80's era on film. They are much more than entertaining horror films, as they have become a part of our culture. Like it or not, these films have had a considerable influence in Hollywood, and as far as I'm concerned, they held just as much impact in cinema as some of your best "A-list" titles. The Friday series was very good to you in the 80's Paramount, and it would be great if you could put the effort into the DVD releases that these films deserve. I am not talking full out special editions, but I am asking (begging, pleading) that you at least give loyal buyers some supplemental material like a commentary, featurette and most importantly deleted scenes/cut footage. I can understand your logic in releasing only the rated versions in order to reach the widest possible audience, but the fact of the matter is, the Friday films are not for everyone, and should not be treated that way. People who buy these DVD's are fans of the film, not your average soccer mom going out and buying their 8 year old a present. Those who buy the DVD's are not "offended" by further gore, but rather the contrary. If releasing the film uncut means that you may lose a lot of support from Schlockbuster and all other video stores that carry only rated material, then go the route of Universal and release both rated and unrated versions of the film. The main thing is that unrated version of Part 7 is released in the future, and that all future Friday releases get some sort of supplemental attention. Once again, I love the Friday films, and I am obviously not alone, so please Paramount, listen to our plights, and give us the uncut footage we have been begging for. As far as your titles that have already been released go, I would gladly shell out the extra money to buy a rerelease with the uncut versions and/or new supplements (Part 3 in 3D anyone?) included on them. I hope you listen to us Mr. Blythe, thanks for your time.

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Ricky f

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Posted May 23 2001 - 06:57 AM

Let's do this people, E-mail, phone and write paramount letters.


#16 of 45 OFFLINE   Ricky f

Ricky f

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Posted May 25 2001 - 04:45 AM

Come on we need more people!

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Posted June 05 2001 - 08:11 AM

Well, now that the forum is back up, I can put in my two cents. There is indeed quite a lot of demand for these discs, but Paramount Home Video is just turning their back on it. I don't understand why.

"The sales for the regular DVDs weren't too great."

Of course not! They're overpriced. Perhaps, at a lower price, a lot more people would buy them. If they had extras other than a trailer, people would buy them.

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Chuck L


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Posted June 07 2001 - 03:02 AM

"We will release 5 and 6 this Halloween. It's what we do
beyond that that's in question."
-Martin Blythe, in response to whether we would see parts 5 and 6 this year on DVD TALK


Does this statement mean that maybe Paramount is in discussion about possible unrated-special editions of Part 7, maybe even 8?

Your thoughts? (and remember, let us keep things nice and polite...)

#19 of 45 OFFLINE   Will K

Will K


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Posted June 07 2001 - 10:37 PM

I think what it means is something is under discussion, but personally, I'm not assuming anything and getting excited...yet. I speculate that they've realized the demand, but who knows?

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Posted June 09 2001 - 03:38 AM

Didn't Martin say he was gonna reply with the results in a week or so? It's been almost a month now, so I was just wondering if he's still planning on posting something about the poll.