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Ever watch a movie more than once in a single day?

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#1 of 39 OFFLINE   PaulKTF


    Stunt Coordinator

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  • Real Name:Paul

Posted August 24 2007 - 05:54 PM

Am I the only one who sometimes will watch the same movie 2 or 3 times in a row in a single day? I've been known to do that with The Wizard Of Oz, Casablanca, and a few others. Posted Image

#2 of 39 OFFLINE   Paul_Scott


    Lead Actor

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Posted August 24 2007 - 11:18 PM

only when I was a kid and would get dropped off a noon and picked up at 6 or 7. I'd theater hop, or like in the case of Jaws or Star Wars or a few others, stay over and watch it a second or third time. But I haven't watched the same movie more than once in a day since I was 14

#3 of 39 OFFLINE   Jeff_CusBlues


    Supporting Actor

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  • Join Date: Jun 19 2004

Posted August 24 2007 - 11:50 PM

When I was 11, a couple friends and I went to see Pink Floyd Cinema Concert (Now Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii). In 1972, seeing Pink Floyd in my small town was a once in a lifetime thing so we called our parents and asked them to let us stay and see it again. I think there was one other person in the theater for the first showing and just us three for the second. Since then, I haven't stayed past a first viewing.

#4 of 39 OFFLINE   Larry Sutliff

Larry Sutliff


  • 2,861 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 17 2000

Posted August 25 2007 - 01:13 AM

When SUPERMAN II played at a dollar theater(the Benner on Castor Ave. in Philly), my friend and I stayed for two showings on a friday night. I've also been known to watch a new DVD twice in one day if it's something I'm really excited about getting(ie, the Star Wars flicks).

#5 of 39 OFFLINE   Shawn.F


    Supporting Actor

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  • Join Date: Oct 16 2005

Posted August 25 2007 - 01:50 AM

On occasion, I do. The last one I think I did it for was opening day for 'Return of the King'. We saw the 11am show and the 7pm show.

#6 of 39 OFFLINE   Qui-Gon John

Qui-Gon John


  • 3,527 posts
  • Join Date: Oct 02 2000

Posted August 25 2007 - 04:17 AM

Like others, only when I was a kid. We'd spend the whole day in the theater, things like the various PLANET OF THE APES movies, etc. But these days, at home, with DVD, I don't think I ever would. Always would want to watch something else.

#7 of 39 OFFLINE   TravisR


    Studio Mogul

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  • LocationThe basement of the FBI building

Posted August 25 2007 - 05:02 AM

When I worked at a video store, I would watch the same movie all day every now and then. It was usually Jaws or Star Wars. When I was younger, a friend and I watched Terminator 2 three times in one day. Theatrically, I saw all three Star Wars prequels multiple times on their release day. And I saw From Dusk Till Dawn back to back.

#8 of 39 OFFLINE   Chris


    Lead Actor

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  • Join Date: Jul 04 1997

Posted August 25 2007 - 05:24 AM

Yes, well, kind of with a caveat.

I have watched literally the same movie several times in a row when I was in college (Full Metal Jacket) Where friends would stumble in, we'd rewatch and recite dialog.

I watched Chasing Amy twice in the theater twice the same day (once during midday, and that evening with the wife). In fact, I've seen lots of films twice because of this.. my wife will say "is this any good? Find out, and if it is, we'll go" So, I will go over lunch, watch, tell her, and we'll go or not *laugh* the benefit of having a theater next to where I'm at and having them as clients to make it easy.

But one that happened on my own planning:

Watched LOTR (Film Version) then (Extended Cut) same day, same with FOTR and ROTK.

Watched Bis Ans Ende Der Welt the 2 hr US version, 3 hour Japanese Distribution, and 4 1/2 hour Italian extended in a weekend. (just so it can be said: the Japanese cut on laserdisc is THE version of this film) Posted Image
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#9 of 39 OFFLINE   Holadem


    Lead Actor

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Posted August 25 2007 - 10:59 AM

Alien Resurrection - Twice on opening night, not because the movie was any good, but because my date and I were quite comfy in the dark confines of the theater. I still don't know how we maned to stay in the room between showings. LOTR:ROTK - Midnight show, then 4pm show. Magnolia - The DVD must have played non-stop for like a week when I got it. Sometimes I would sit and watch, other times it would just be background noise. I was addicted to that movie. PotC: DMC - I may have watched this more than once, the same day, not sure. Wild Strawberries - I enjoyed this so much that after giving it some time to sink in, I watched it again with the commentary later that evening. I think I may have watched The Battle of Algiers twice in the same evening as well. -- H

#10 of 39 OFFLINE   Jon Lidolt

Jon Lidolt

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 181 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 08 2004

Posted August 27 2007 - 02:39 AM

I saw Woody Allen's Purple Rose of Cairo when it first came out, enjoyed it so much that I stayed for a second viewing.

#11 of 39 ONLINE   Walter Kittel

Walter Kittel


  • 5,311 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 28 1998

Posted August 27 2007 - 02:49 AM

Star Wars - opening day in the summer of '77. Saw it in the afternoon and again that evening with my best friend. (The overhead shot of the Imperial destroyer at the beginning of the film was just as awesome during the second viewing. Posted Image )

- Walter.
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#12 of 39 OFFLINE   Marty M

Marty M


  • 2,920 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 06 1998

Posted August 27 2007 - 02:54 AM

When I first saw The Graduate in eary 1968, I knew I had to see it again. I ended up seeing it 5 or 6 times in a six month period, including sitting through two showings at a local movie theater.

I recall that it was my second time seeing the movie and my roommate's first time. When the movie was over, he suggested we stay for the next showing. It took little persuasion to convince me to stay, as well.
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#13 of 39 OFFLINE   Scott-S


    Test Subject

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  • Real Name:Scott Sturdevant
  • LocationThe Land of Zion

Posted August 27 2007 - 03:04 AM

The only time I watch a movie twice in a row is when I get a DVD of a movie I didnt see in the theater. I will watch it once, then depending on the movie, I watch it again with the commentary.

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#14 of 39 OFFLINE   Michael:M


    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 27 2007 - 04:51 AM

This is usually the only way I'd watch a movie twice in the same day. I might have watched one twice in a row as a kid, but VCRs didn't become common until I was in high schoo. By that time, even if I loved a movie, I would usually wait at least 24 hours before watching it again.
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#15 of 39 ONLINE   Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford


  • 27,411 posts
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  • Real Name:Robert
  • LocationMichigan

Posted August 27 2007 - 05:39 AM

Yes, with several films over the years.

#16 of 39 OFFLINE   TravisR


    Studio Mogul

  • 24,431 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 15 2004
  • LocationThe basement of the FBI building

Posted August 27 2007 - 06:37 AM

I didn't even think of that. I'll watch the movie and then the commentary fairly frequently.

#17 of 39 OFFLINE   James T

James T


  • 1,643 posts
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Posted August 27 2007 - 07:16 AM

Batman Begins is the only movie I've ever done that. I went to the midnight showing and to an evening showing with a different group of friends

#18 of 39 OFFLINE   Richard--W



  • 3,527 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 20 2004

Posted August 27 2007 - 08:38 AM

All the time. Not lately, though.

#19 of 39 OFFLINE   Steve Christou

Steve Christou

    Long Member

  • 15,081 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 25 2000
  • Real Name:Steve Christou
  • LocationLondon, England

Posted August 27 2007 - 10:22 AM

Only when friends have come over for a visit just as I had finished watching some new film and they all start begging me to put it on again for them, but I try to avoid that if I can.

It rarely happens that I'd watch the same film twice on the same day because I liked it so much. But it has happened, one was Terry Gilliam's Brazil, I missed it at the cinema and rented the video, when it was over I sat there gobsmacked, rewound the tape and watched it again.

Another was Rear Window, I was with a fellow Hitchcock fan and it was around the time the film was re-released to cinemas after being unavailable for decades over rights issues, we caught it on video and absolutely loved it, we were planning to watch another film after Rear Window finished but decided to rewatch that instead.

But generally I like to wait a while until I see the same film again, with well over 3500 films sitting on my shelves I rarely get to see the same film twice in the same year, never mind the same day! Posted Image

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#20 of 39 OFFLINE   Raasean Asaad

Raasean Asaad

    Supporting Actor

  • 962 posts
  • Join Date: Sep 23 2002

Posted August 27 2007 - 12:36 PM

The Matrix - My GF and I saw the midnight premiere followed by the next 2 showings as soon as the theater opened the next day so we saw it 3 times in about 12 hours.
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