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PS3: November $499 & $599 Configurations

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#1 of 106 OFFLINE   Kyle_D


    Second Unit

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Posted May 08 2006 - 02:08 PM


Scroll to the end for launch details.

Is PS3 still Blu-Ray's trojan horse, or will gamers shun the system in favor of the cheaper XBOX360 and Nintendo Wii?

#2 of 106 OFFLINE   Kyle McKnight

Kyle McKnight


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Posted May 08 2006 - 02:10 PM

I'm thinking that will depend on if Microsoft drops the XB360 by $100...or includes an HD-DVD drive for the $400 price point...Damn how I wish the base system for the PS3 came in at $400...
Kyle McKnight

#3 of 106 OFFLINE   Kyle_D


    Second Unit

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  • Join Date: Aug 15 2004

Posted May 08 2006 - 02:26 PM

My opinion is now solidified. Sony just priced themselves out of the mainstream. They'll sell units but, in the US at least, only to the truly hardcore gamers and technophiles. My feeling is Microsoft takes over the US and European console markets while Nintendo retakes the reigns in Japan. In other words, the PS3's potential effect on the format war in terms of getting Blu-ray drives to the mainstream has been extremely curbed.

#4 of 106 OFFLINE   Cory S.

Cory S.

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 08 2006 - 02:28 PM

You really think so, Kyle?
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#5 of 106 OFFLINE   David Galindo

David Galindo


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Posted May 08 2006 - 02:33 PM

Lets see, do I want a Toshiba HD-DVD player for $499 or a Playstation 3 w/Blu-Ray for $499? The battle just got even more heated.

#6 of 106 OFFLINE   Jean-Michel


    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 08 2006 - 02:34 PM


No HDMI on the cheap model. Ouch.

#7 of 106 OFFLINE   Nick Graham

Nick Graham


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  • Join Date: Oct 16 2001

Posted May 08 2006 - 03:25 PM

Ouch indeed....if they are going to cut out that many features, and slash the hard drive by 2/3, I'd say that they would be wise price the crippled version at $399 and attempt to be competitive with the 360 (though I'm willing to bet the 360 Premium hits $299 this fall).

#8 of 106 OFFLINE   Ryan-G


    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 08 2006 - 05:57 PM

I'm going to agree with Kyle.

But I think MS has locked themselves out of having an effect on the format war as well. The add-on drive will be 720p and maybe 1080i. It's a little fuzzy if it'll do 1080i, definitely no 1080p.


#9 of 106 OFFLINE   Kyle_D


    Second Unit

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  • Join Date: Aug 15 2004

Posted May 08 2006 - 06:48 PM

Agreed. The next-gen console war won't have much effect on the format war. PS3 will sell more than the HD-DVD add-on drive though; console add-on historically have not sold.

#10 of 106 OFFLINE   Ryan-G


    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 08 2006 - 07:36 PM

This is true, but it's also important to note that it seems the low end PS3 will be component only as well, which means by the time the HDTV market is present the PS3 may be limited by the downcoversion flag and everyone who opts for the low end PS3 will be limited to near SD-DVD resolutions. Which may in turn limit PS3's impact on BR Media sales.

#11 of 106 OFFLINE   Zack Gibbs

Zack Gibbs


  • 1,687 posts
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Posted May 08 2006 - 08:19 PM

The reactions to the games were tepid. They no longer have support for dual independent monitors. The price is ridiculous. The $499 one even more so for its crippled nature, the 360 was simply a matter of bundling. The controller is, once again, a Dual Shock (worst controller out there, it was nice for the PS1, but don't they understand the concept of improvement?). Their online program is uninspired, too greedy, too little too late. Gee, and I thought I was actually going to buy a playstation for once in my life.
"Because he's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now... and so we'll hunt him... because he can take it... because he's not a hero... he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... a DARK KNIGHT."

#12 of 106 OFFLINE   Mark Butler

Mark Butler

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 70 posts
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Posted May 08 2006 - 09:49 PM

I don't know if anyone noticed this but the specs for both the $499 and $699 machines for AV output is 1080p. This leads me to belive that the PS3 is going to be modular and that you will be able to upgrade to HDMI and a larger HDD if you wish to later. As I live in Japan the downconversion isn't going to effect me for a least 5 more years but I dont think Sony would leave itself open to PO'd customers that are unable to use their machines to their full specifications because of the studios ICT decisions.
"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong they may be."

#13 of 106 OFFLINE   Lou Sytsma

Lou Sytsma


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Posted May 08 2006 - 10:39 PM

Also the tilt function of the controller is limited to 6 axis and the controller has no rumble feature.
Every man is my superior, in that I may learn from him.

#14 of 106 OFFLINE   Juan C

Juan C

    Second Unit

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Posted May 09 2006 - 12:12 AM

Unless mechanics have changed since I was a student, a rigid solid object has only six degrees of freedom (XYZ + pitch / yaw /roll).

#15 of 106 OFFLINE   Pete T C

Pete T C

    Second Unit

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Posted May 09 2006 - 12:38 AM

If you planned to buy a PS3 as a Blu-Ray player, you need to spend $599 because the cheaper model does not have HDMI output:

Sony seriously crippled the $499 PS3. (Wireless and memory stick support is also not available in it.)
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#16 of 106 OFFLINE   Richard Kim

Richard Kim


  • 4,389 posts
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Posted May 09 2006 - 01:43 AM

There's already a thread about the PS3 in the HD Hardware forum.

#17 of 106 OFFLINE   Michael TLV

Michael TLV

    THX Video Instructor/Calibrator

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  • Real Name:Michael Chen
  • LocationCalgary, Alberta

Posted May 09 2006 - 02:10 AM

Greetings Lots of ifs and maybes about encryption on component. No one can say until it happens ... which may be soon or not at all ... It's all speculation. Most PS3 owners won't care anyway since the unit is there to play games as priority one. (12-15 year olds don't care about BD capability nor will their parents who buy this for them.) I don't use the PS2 to watch my DVDs ... Low cost alternative ... maybe ... but you probably get the equivalent quality as on the PS2. It plays an HD image ... and without comparison to other BD units, it will still look darn good. (Obviously speculation on my part) Regards
Michael @ The Laser Video Experience
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#18 of 106 OFFLINE   Lou Sytsma

Lou Sytsma


  • 5,696 posts
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Posted May 09 2006 - 04:07 AM

Forgive my clarity - I mentioned this to differentiate its capabilities against the Wii controller that Nintendo has.
Every man is my superior, in that I may learn from him.

#19 of 106 OFFLINE   Garrett Lundy

Garrett Lundy


  • 3,764 posts
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Posted May 09 2006 - 05:29 AM

100% backwards compatability! I'm sold (since I don't want to abandon my favorites of PS & PS2). And yes, I really do still play PS1 games: 3-D supergraphics cannot compete with the funness of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Tempest X.
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#20 of 106 OFFLINE   rich_d



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  • Real Name:Rich
  • LocationConnecticut

Posted May 09 2006 - 06:18 AM

I wonder whether Sony messed with the output specs (on the $499 unit, of which I have no clue what the real result is) to placate the other Blu-ray hardware manufacturers? Either way, the public's perception might be just as you state. Why buy a stand-alone unit for virtually the same price you can get blu-ray plus a premier gaming system? If so, I think there will be some unhappy hardware "partners" come Winter.

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