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M&K vs Atlantic Technology and others.

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#1 of 10 OFFLINE   KevW



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Posted January 28 2004 - 04:48 PM

I am in the process of re-doing my HT system. I have a seperate Plinius/Martin Logan system for 2ch listening, so I am really focusing on movies. I am pensioning off my old Denon AVR3300/Polk RM7500/JVC DVD gear and would like to step up a bit. I have started with the source and picked a Pioneer DV-AX10 and recently added a B&K AVR507 receiver. I wanted the ability to move to 7.1 at a later date without replacing the whole unit. My dilema now is with speaker selection. Unfortunately I have the spousal approval challenge to overcome which prohibits me from tower fronts (in addition I have a "built in" which will only accomodate LCRs with a max height of 30"). I was advised to check out the M&K 150 system, which I did and was very impressed, unfortunately to get the total package was more than I had planned on - so I guess I am limiting myself to about $3000 for 5.1. Does anybody have any further recommendations given my limitations above? Perhaps the smaller M&K 750THX or the Atlantc Technology 270, or a s/h B&W group (805 size). Any time you guys can spend to help focus my listening efforts would be very much appreciated.

#2 of 10 OFFLINE   Chris_C



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Posted January 28 2004 - 05:25 PM

I have the Atlantic Tech 350, a little bigger than what you're considering (now discontinued), but they sound great and are built well. Onecall has the 270 and if you omit the sub (assuming that you already have one) the price is aprox $1900 easily within your budget. I haven't heard the Axioms but they seem to be very popular in this forum and they are in your range.

#3 of 10 OFFLINE   Arnold_R


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted January 29 2004 - 02:06 AM

If your built-ins can accommodate 3 rather large center speakers I would recommend (3) Onix Rockets RSC200's. http://www.av123.com....rs&product=6.1 These are really incredible speakers for center channel, which would make it even better for LCR's. My only concern is the width 25", which is quite wide. My second choice would be Onix Rocket's ELT-1 Center Channel for 3 LCR's. http://www.av123.com....s&product=33.1

I use to own Atlantic Technology 350's before upgrading to the Onix Rocket's pkg #2. I was a little concerned about going from a THX to non-THX speakers for HT. To make a long story short, I was not disappointed! Very clear sounding system. These can play very loud is need be w/o sounding strained. My AT350's seemed to strain at times which surprised be being THX cert...

Anyway, just my $0.02 and good luck on your search for your HT system.


#4 of 10 OFFLINE   Glenn Baumann

Glenn Baumann

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted January 29 2004 - 03:57 AM

I can highly recommend the Atlantic Technology 270 THX system. However, I would replace Atlantic's 272PBM sub and go with an SVS 25-31PCi which would provide mind blowing performance for the money as compared to the 272PBM sub. The Atlantic Tech's are absolutely superb with movies as they are designed as a totally matched system that sounds neutral and accurate.... in a word, they are absolutely seamless! The sonic characteristics of all the Atlantic Tech speakers are such that the soft dome tweeters that they employ and the way that they are crossed over lends itself to a very slight rolloff of the very highest frequencies... this in turn provides a listening experience that is not fatiguing even if listened to all day long. Dont get me wrong, you lose nothing in the upper frequencies, it is just that some speakers are accentuated in this area and can sound bright, shrill and sometimes fatiguing. If it sounds like I am an Atlantic Tech fan you are right, as I have had (4) of their systems including the 270's and I am currently using the 370 THX set along with dual SVS 25-31cs subs tuned to 22Hz and couldn't be happier. If you went with the 270 set I would recommend their matching stands as they are simple and unobtrusive. The speakers and their stands are just the right size, not big but most impressive in there performance. I firmly believe that the Atlantic Tech's are some of the best home theater speakers around and the reviews apparently also bear this out. Although I have not personally heard the M&K 150's I have heard from many that they are also very accurate and seamless although somewhat more accentuated in the high frequency department. You could beat your financial target by getting the 270THX 5 piece set along with an SVS 25-31pci sub for around $2000.00 and even add a second sub with a total outlay of around $2500.00.... not bad for absolutely stunning performance!!! Good luck in your quest and I dont think you can go wrong with either the Atlantic Tech 270's or the M&K 150's. Glenn

#5 of 10 OFFLINE   Al_Swanson



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Posted January 29 2004 - 05:51 AM

I have the M&K 750 set up and it is fantastic. I think if you check around (audioreview.com is good place), you'll find the recommendations for the 750 5.1 are pretty unanimous. While I could go on talking about things like soundstage and neutrality, how many studios use M&K and all that, nothing will compare hearing it yourself. One of the reasons I didn't buy Atlantic (and they really interested me, since they were in my price range) was the complete lack of a dealer network where you could hear them - at least for Northern California. Zero dealers. That also meant zero help locally. I started out with 5 750s and a 1250 sub. My system has evolved into 3 750s, 2 150SS and a 5000MKII sub. I may be biased, but M&K has beat everything I've been able to actually hear.
M&K 750 (F,C), M&K SS150 (S), M&K MX5000MkII (Sub)

#6 of 10 OFFLINE   anth_c


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Posted January 29 2004 - 03:47 PM

Just my two cents: I've got the M&K S-150 LCR's and the SS-150 Tripole surrounds (white cabinets) along with an SVS Ultra powered by the Samson S1000. I've been very happy with the set-up for both music and movies. What I like is that if I really turn it up, the sound stays crystal clear, and the switch between really loud explosions, gunfire, etc. and dialogue is effortless. My gear is a combination of new and used. I bought the M&K S-150 Center at The Great Indoors (it was a floor model) for $450. I bought the M&K S-150 Left and Right, and the LDM-125 tall stands new for $1900 (including tax) from a dealer. MRSP is $2250 + tax. I bought the M&K SS-150's on ebay for $625 (that was a good deal). The SVS I purchased new and I picked up the Samson amp on ebay for $250. In my opinion, any of the brands you mentioned would be great...it is just a matter of deciding on your budget. I would recommend that you go with an SVS: there is nothing else out there that can touch it! Regards, Anthony

#7 of 10 OFFLINE   Donnie Eldridge

Donnie Eldridge

    Supporting Actor

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Posted January 30 2004 - 02:31 PM

I currently have the AT 270 system and I'm completely satisfied with them. I will echo what other people are saying regarding there subs, don't bother. You'd be better off with something different.
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#8 of 10 OFFLINE   KevW



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Posted January 31 2004 - 05:24 PM

Thanks to all of you for providing such useful information. I will be auditioning some systems over the next few weeks, and I will now be more informed - especially about AT subs! I had not heard of the Onix line before, but they seem to have an excellent following. Happy listening! KevW

#9 of 10 OFFLINE   KevW



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Posted February 16 2004 - 05:44 PM

I thought it appropriate to close out my final decision and purchase. After plenty of listening and "bargain hunting" I ended up with M&K S150 for L/C/R, which are all angled centers as they are mounted relatively high up, SS150 Tripoles for the surrounds and an MX350 sub. Although it cost more than I had originally intended, I cut a decent deal with a dealer and they sound AWESOME. I am now scratching my head over speaker placement and selection for the rear surrounds to complete the 7.1 system.

#10 of 10 OFFLINE   Jared Neumann

Jared Neumann

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Posted February 16 2004 - 06:10 PM

I too am biased towards the M&K I have both the 5000 system and the 750 systems in my home theaters. In my dedicated home theater I use the complete 5000 system along with the 750 lcr's for the rear surround channels, and they simply sound awesome. In my opinion they blow away the Atlantic Technoloy's.(I demoed both) But you must ultimately decide what you like better yourself.


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