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Marathon viewing sessions

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#1 of 40 OFFLINE   BrianAe


    Second Unit

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Posted December 19 2003 - 08:58 AM

With the finale of LOTR upon us, there has been a lot of talk about seeing all three movies back to back in a marathon session. What marathon viewing sessions have you done? What would you like to do? How have you enjoyed the ones you've done? Do you think you got a different perspective on a group of works by seeing them back to back? Myself, I'd like to see one of the season of 24 straight through. Don't know if I have the stamina though.

#2 of 40 OFFLINE   Adam_WM



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  • Join Date: Oct 25 2001

Posted December 19 2003 - 09:03 AM

My personal favorite marathon that I have done many times has been the Back to the Future movies. What I do is I stop the first movie right before
Marty opens the garage
at the end of the first one and stop the second one right when
Doc is dangling from the top of the clock tower
. The movies just go right through like they are one big movie. I have watched 24 fairly close to all the way through in one sitting and it is pretty cool.


#3 of 40 OFFLINE   MarkBourne


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted December 19 2003 - 09:06 AM

Today's Weekly Standard is carrying a LOTR marathon report written by one of the writers at DVD Journal.


#4 of 40 OFFLINE   Mikel_Cooperman



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Posted December 19 2003 - 09:19 AM

Ive done Star Trek movie marathons and I recently did a 24 Marathon over a two week period where I did little sleeping because the show was just too good. Oh we cant forget that I spent all summer watching the first 3 seasons of Babylon 5.

#5 of 40 OFFLINE   LarryDavenport



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  • Join Date: Nov 15 1999

Posted December 19 2003 - 10:23 AM

The only marathon I sat through in a theater was all three Clint Eastwood Man With No Name Pictures plus Once Upon A Time in The West. At home I've done the following marathons: The Beatles Anthology (both when it came out on laserdisc and DVD). Star Wars/Empire/ Return of the Jedi (laserdisc) The Samurai trilogy (VHS) The Human Condition-Japanese trilogy (VHS) The Apu trilogy (DVD) The complete Thin Man (Laserdisc) the complete Monty Python's Flying Circis (when it was shown on PBS in 1978...I taped it in SP so had to stay awake). ditto the complete Live Aid including the 4 hours from Australia that no one seems to remember.

#6 of 40 OFFLINE   CaptDS9E



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Posted December 19 2003 - 10:28 AM

Ive done a bunch Star Wars Indy Back to the Future TMNT 1-3 Bev Hills Cop Alien Legacy Scream 1-3 Im sure there are more. capt

#7 of 40 OFFLINE   Joe Karlosi

Joe Karlosi


  • 6,001 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 05 2003

Posted December 19 2003 - 10:49 AM

All five PLANET OF THE APES films - GO APE!

#8 of 40 OFFLINE   Jeff Whitford

Jeff Whitford


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  • Join Date: Dec 31 1998

Posted December 19 2003 - 03:27 PM

I saw all the Apes movies in a row at the theater as a kid. In my theater we have done BTTF and Star Wars several times. I think I would like to do the LOTR EE trilogy in a row but I dont know about the rest of my family as that will be over 12 hrs.
Jeff Whitford
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#9 of 40 OFFLINE   James Sarno

James Sarno

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted December 19 2003 - 04:38 PM

I've done Sopranos season 1 & 2...(fun but brutal)
The Godfather collection
Alien Legacy

A few Godzilla mini-marathons...here and there

After the holidays,I'm going to try and do the impossible(for me)...The Alien Quadrilogy...My wife bet me dinner & a show if I don't make it...Better start stocking up on "supplies" nowPosted Image ...

#10 of 40 OFFLINE   Gord Lacey

Gord Lacey


  • 2,447 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 03 2001

Posted December 19 2003 - 05:16 PM

Hmmm.... Tough Enough Season 1 - 1 sitting Anna Nicole Show Season 1 - 2 sittings Shogun - 2 sittings West Wing Season 1 - 4 sittings Wiseguy Set 2 - 2 sittings SpongEBob SquarePants Season 1 - 1 sitting Taken - 2 sittings Mr. Bean - 2 sittings Hmm...that's all off the top of my head. I think I'll probably watch most of "The Shield Season 2" tomorrow, possibly finishing it on Sunday, depends on what else I have going on tomorrow. I usually try and get through the TV box sets as quickly as possible and then move on to the next one. I like starting something on Friday night and finishing it on Sat. Gord
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#11 of 40 OFFLINE   Justin Bauer

Justin Bauer

    Supporting Actor

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Posted December 19 2003 - 05:28 PM

At Home marathons done in a day: 1. A Fistful of dollars A Few Dollars More The Good, The bad, And the Ugly Once Upon a Time in The West Once Upon a time in America 2. Band Of Brothers 3. Jurassic Park Trilogy 4. The Godfather Collection
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#12 of 40 OFFLINE   Dave Scarpa

Dave Scarpa


  • 5,325 posts
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Posted December 19 2003 - 06:07 PM

Hey Gord let us know how the Shield Season 2 is I can't wait to pick that up...
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#13 of 40 OFFLINE   Doug_B



  • 1,084 posts
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Posted December 20 2003 - 02:23 AM

Where do you all find the time? For me, finding time for a 3+ hour movie in one sitting is a miracle. Doug

#14 of 40 OFFLINE   Ric Easton

Ric Easton


  • 2,817 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 06 2001

Posted December 20 2003 - 02:53 AM

Me too! Although Monday evening I may be playing a LOTR double feature before heading out to the theater on Tuesday. I was also attending that "Ape-O-Rama back in the seventies! My father dropped me and a friend off on the way to work and picked us up on the way back!

#15 of 40 OFFLINE   Marc Colella

Marc Colella


  • 2,607 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 19 1999

Posted December 20 2003 - 03:05 AM

I'm not much for doing marathons. It's rare that I'll watch 2 DVDs back to back.

However, within 1 day (with breaks in between) I polished off the entire Dekalog series.

That's just under 10 hours of viewing. I was so engrossed in them, that I couldn't wait to view the next chapter.

#16 of 40 OFFLINE   Michael Hall

Michael Hall

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 228 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 30 2002

Posted December 20 2003 - 03:33 AM

I think the last marathon I did was of the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS about a year ago. I was snowed in for the day, and figured it was as good a time as any. Posted Image

Strangely enough, my mother came to visit me a few months back and herself watched a marathon of the Hannibal Lecter films in chronological order ("Red Dragon", SOTL, and "Hannibal") which kind of surprised me considering she has a short attention span. I had just bought RD and we were watching it and she said "can I watch "Silence of the Lambs?" I told her "sure" and right after that was over, she wanted to watch "Hannibal." So, pretty much, she sat in front of the television for about six and a half hours straight.

#17 of 40 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

    Executive Producer

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Posted December 20 2003 - 05:42 AM

Question is, how many DVD players are up to such a task? Except when using a rugged, top-of-the-line unit, I'd be hesitant about doing an all-day marathon when using just one player. First- and second-generation players were often taxed to their limits when running more than three feature-length films back-to-back, resulting in serious artifacting and overheating.

#18 of 40 OFFLINE   Zen Butler

Zen Butler


  • 5,404 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 24 2002

Posted December 20 2003 - 05:49 AM

Jack may be correct. During my marathons I allow for cooling down periods. Go smoke, eat etc. I have not yet pushed any of my players to the limit nor do I wish to find what that limit is. Some great sunday afternoon marathons: 1. 24 2. Buffy (always fun) 3. Band of Brothers 4. Star Trek TNG (can't eat just one) 5. X-Files 6. Alias


#19 of 40 OFFLINE   Matt Stone

Matt Stone

    Lead Actor

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Posted December 20 2003 - 05:49 AM

I watched 24 Season 2 in two sittings...that was fantastic. In September of this year, I watched the first 4 seasons of Angel (88 episodes) in 10 days. That was uber-grueling. Most other marathons I've done have been standard trilogies...Star Wars, Evil Dead, Indy, etc.
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#20 of 40 OFFLINE   Jesse Skeen

Jesse Skeen


  • 4,171 posts
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Posted December 20 2003 - 09:51 AM

I've watched over 12 hours in one sitting on my 5-year old DVL-909 (LD/DVD player) and it's never shown any signs of exhaustion or refused to play anything. It's been in the shop a couple times, but not related to that I think (it was in twice for skipping on side B of laserdiscs; DVD has been just about perfect). I've also got a $50 Koss player that can't even make it through ONE movie most of the time though- I bought that just to play around with. I've watched all of The Beatles Anthology on LD in one sitting, and Universal's Golden Age Of Science Fiction Thrillers set. I usually watched all the South Park and Simpsons episodes when each set comes out too. Most of the time I watch unrelated stuff though- I like variety.
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